Solar powered Evoheat pump - Solarpro

Ultimate Pool Heating Northern Beaches

Power your pool heat pump from your solar PV system and add a pool blanket for the ultimate energy efficient pool heating solution – all year.  With the correctly sized system an EvoHeat pump can heat your pool for $1.60/day or let Solarpro show you how to run it on free solar energy.

As the only Northern Beaches specialist solar power and solar pool heating company, Solarpro is able to look at your total energy requirements and design a system that will dramatically reduce your costs.  Whether it is innovative Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels or powering an EvoHeat pump using your own solar power, we will find the best solution for your needs and budget.

  1. EvoHeat is an Australian-owned specialist heat pump manufacturer.  Their heat pumps are up to 600% more energy efficient than traditional methods of heating, leading to exceptionally large long-term savings.  EvoHeat specialises only in manufacturing the best and most innovative heat pumps.  If you want resort temperatures all year, complete control of the financial and environmental costs, we can’t find a better way than powering this heat pump from a solar power system.
  2. If you prefer to have solar pool heating then do it with Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels.  Australian owned, innovative, energy efficient solar pool heating system.  The compact enclosed panels give you 40% more roof space for your other solar needs than if you went for strip matting or open rigid panels..  Designed so your pool is warm early in the season and stays that way heading into winter. The solar collectors are enclosed in a compact panel which protects them from heat loss from wind and makes them highly energy efficient.  Cockatoos can’t get at them either.