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Types of solar pool heating

Innovative solar pool heating panels can remove your pool heating costs and in some cases also the cost of powering your pool equipment e.g., the pump.  Amongst the range of solar pool heating systems we include a solar powered heat pump.  As one of a very few solar companies specialising in both solar pool heating and solar power & battery systems, we are able to assess your energy needs as a whole and save you the maximum money possible.

Solar pool heating panels

There are three different types of solar panels designed for heating pools. The DualSun heated pool water & electricity producing hybrid; enclosed pool heating panels and open pool heating panels.

The DualSun hybrid panel

The DualSun hybrid solar panel produces solar power to run your pool pump and other electrical equipment at the same time as heating your pool water.  A correctly sized system delivers a solar heated pool with zero running costs.  Like a lot of innovative products it is based on a simple concept.  Solar (PV) power panels require light to produce power but they don’t like heat.  They perform better when kept cool.  The DualSun panel uses water to cool the panel and then sends the now heated water back to the pool.  The solar power generated by the panel can be used to run the pump or other electrical items including domestic appliances if you have power left over.

Enclosed solar pool heating panels

Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels completely eliminate wind cooling.  You will be able to get in your pool early in the season and swim later.  The solar collectors are encased in high density polyethylene and the system ‘heat banks’.  A precise temperature is taken from the solar collector rather than the roof surface which ensures the pump only operates when it is needed – reducing your running costs and saving money.  These enclosed panels are compact enough to install on cabanas or pump houses.  We often install them in combination with a solar power system to bring your electricity costs to as near as zero as we can.  A solar power system and enclosed solar pool heating panels can fit comfortably on most roofs, particularly if they are replacing a strip matting system.

Open rigid solar pool heating panels

Essentially a modern, neater and rigid version of the old strip matting rubber tubes.  The Rhino Black open panel has rigid solar collectors in modular designs of various sizes. They are open to the wind but their design reduces the cooling effect and protects from cockatoo damage.  They are produced by Australian manufacturer Boss Solar and are a less expensive option to extend your swimming season.

Solar powered heat pumps

Solarpro’s advantage as an installer of solar energy systems means we can combine a pool heat pump with a new or existing solar power system to eliminate your running costs. You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions. Heat pumps are inexpensive and guarantee heat when you want it with virtually no maintenance.

Pump less and heat more

Regardless of the solar pool heating panel you choose, we precisely adjust the rate water flows through the solar collectors to maximise heat and stop unnecessary pumping.  We do this with a Flow Rate Metre.  Some solar pool heating panel installers don’t do this.  Having a correct flow rate will save you money and we recommend ensuring your installer does this.

Making the right choice

Our solar pool heating experts will be able to quickly assess the most cost effective option for your circumstances and advise on your choices.  They will look at how your pool fits with your other energy needs and ensure you are getting the maximum savings possible.  Contact us.