Air Conditioners & Solar

Solar storage batteries have reduced the cost to you and the environment of running an air conditioner.  Now, the NSW Government is offering households and businesses between $200 and $1000 off the installation price when they buy a high-efficiency air conditioner through an approved installer.  The offer is for a limited time and full details are available from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.

How solar storage batteries work

When people are working, air conditioners tend to be used most in the evening and at night.  They can use a lot of expensive electricity.  A solar storage battery gives you control over the solar energy you generate.  They enable you to store your power for use after the sun goes down. When you install a solar storage system, the energy flows around your house are controlled by your solar inverter. The job of the inverter is to keep you off the grid. It does this by supplying the house with energy firstly from the solar panels, secondly the battery and finally the grid. It knows where and how much energy is needed because of an energy consumption/export meter we install into your wiring. You can now monitor live data from your solar panels and battery capacity to see if the air conditioner, pool pump or clothes dryer is really costing you. Better still you can now connect appliances to home automation devices that work together with the solar inverter ensuring they won’t switch on unless there is enough excess energy being produced by the solar system. You can even turn your electric hot water tank into a solar PV powered tank that only heats with excess energy from your solar panels.

Designing a solar system

Solarpro has 10 years of solar system design experience.  We cater to different needs and budgets.  Let our design experts work with you to create the perfect system for you.  Choose from sonnen, Powerwall or LG RESU solar batteries.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Launch

Tesla has just launched the Powerwall 2 solar battery.  This 13.5kWh battery is changing the way we think about solar power.  Enjoy a family evening powered by the sun and watch your electricity bill drop.  The Powerwall can be connected to an existing solar system or to a new solar inverter and panels.  It puts you in control of when you use your solar power, including at peak times.  You can monitor the system through the Tesla app.  Solarpro will be installing the first Powerwall 2 on the Northern Beaches next week.  For further information and a quote.  Contact Us.

What you get with Powerwall 2

Solar Battery

Twice the size of Powerwall 1, with a capacity of 13.5kWh, this is one of the largest home storage batteries available. Powerwall 2 has a liquid thermal control system that regulates its internal temperature to maximise battery performance in any climate. It stores excess solar power to be used in the evening when electricity prices are higher.

Internal Battery Inverter

Powerwall 2 has a built-in battery inverter.  However, unless you connect it to an existing solar system you will have to purchase a solar inverter and panels in additional to the battery.  Solarpro recommends the SolarEdge optimised solar system.  If you prefer a string system, Fronius is a good choice and we can optimise the solar panels for you by adding some simple technology. Optimised panels operate independently rather than in a string and can deliver up to 25% more solar power.

 Power Back-up

There are two versions of Powerwall 2 available.  One has a backup facility to provide power to selected appliances in the event of a power black-out.  The other does not have a backup facility.  If you want the backup or think you might in the future, it is important to choose that system.  The one without backup cannot have it added later.


Tesla has already launched a new version of the My Tesla website & mobile app which includes solar system monitoring and Powerwall 2 integration.  The app has a Power Flow screen which shows real-time data on solar power generation, storage and consumption.

We look forward to discussing your solar storage options with you.  Give us a call or click here to get a Quote.


Keep your power on when the grid is down!

Solar batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall made it possible for solar power users to keep their lights and appliances going during power cuts by the electrricity grid in the recent storms.

Innovations in solar storage batteries have made it possible to have a flexible approach to using solar power. Owners of solar systems can decide how they want to use their power.  They can ‘beat the grid’ by using solar power at peak times and buying grid power cheap at off-peak times.  Solar power can now be used at night if desired.

Solar batteries are compact and affordable.  Energy self-sufficiency is a very real possibility.

Solarpro has solar battery systems to suit different needs and budgets.  Contact us for further information or attend one of our free education seminars in Brookvale.