Latest Solar Inverter Technology

The latest in solar inverter technology is available in Australia and Solarpro is installing it.  Called the HD wave, this record efficiency solar inverter is very small, light weight and represents one of the most significant leaps in solar technology in the past 20 years.  Developed by SolarEdge and winner of the Intersolar Award in 2016, HD wave uses digital processing and a high-definition sine wave and is specifically designed to work with solar panel optimisers.  For further information and a quote Contact Us.
For the solar industry, the HD wave inverter has been likened to the change from large tube televisions to digital flat screen TVs.  Current SolarEdge inverters are already among the smallest in the World.  However, like all existing inverters they require magnetics and cooling components that require space.  The HD wave technology substantially reduces this requirement which significantly decreases the inverter size and weight while achieving record efficiency.