Maximum solar power | Maximised roof space!

Do you want to fit solar electricity panels and a solar pool heating system on your roof? The key is to use compact, energy efficient pool heating panels with a maximum power generating solar electricity system. For a customer who required quite a large amount of solar electricity and pool heating, Solarpro installed a 6kW SolarEdge system with LG panels and Solartherm wind-proof enclosed pool heating panels. The SolarEdge system enables up to 25% more power to be generated because each panel produces its maximum possible output all the time unlike other systems, where power output is reduced from all panels if there is shade or dirt on just one panel. Each panel can be individually monitored to ensure maximum performance.  Other systems typically require additional equipment and software to be purchased to allow this to be done. Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels have been designed to improve on basic strip matting systems in a number of ways including the fact that far less roof space is required to generate heat.  See our dedicated pools web site for additional information: solarpropools.