SolarEdge Smart Optimised Panels

High Performing SolarEdge Smart Panel

The SolarEdge Smart Solar Panel generates more power by reducing losses caused by partial shade, voltage miss-match and panel age.  It is an inexpensive high quality panel which makes for a powerful system when combined with a SolarEdge inverter.  Solarpro designers are experts on SolarEdge systems having been installing them since they first entered the Australian market.  Let us create a system to suit your needs and budget.

By embedding an optimiser in each panel in place of the standard junction box, the panel operates at its maximum possible level at all times.  The panels achieve 99.5% peak efficiency.  Combined with the 99% efficiency rated SolarEdge HD Wave inverter you get a highly energy efficient system from the same well respected manufacturer. 


SolarEdge Smart Panel Features

  • 300W,  1.65m x 1m,  60 Cell Monocrystalline PERC , solar panel
  • Superior efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Mitigates all types of panel mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading and aging
  • Superior quality control guaranteed by SolarEdge, with full automatic production line and 100% EL triple inspection, independently verified by PI Berlin
  • 12-year panel warranty and 25-year performance warranty
  • Elegant design with a black-frame and able to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Advanced, real-time performance monitoring and measurement
  • Automatic panel DC voltage reduction to a safe level upon inverter or grid shutdown, for installer and firefighter safety


Download the SolarEdge Smart Panel data sheet

SolarEdge Smart Optimised Panel