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Largest SolarEdge residential installation in Australia

SolarEdge Optimised System for Maximum Power and Flexibility

SolarEdge is an optimised solar power system.  Each solar panel operates independently to contribute its maximum power.   This increases power output by up to 25% compared to string solar systems where the least productive panel reduces the performance of all panels.

Solarpro has extensive experience installing SolarEdge. The first SolarEdge system in NSW was installed by Solarpro in 2009. In 2017 the largest residential SolarEdge system in Australia was also installed by Solarpro.  The photograph above shows the inverters used in this massive 90 solar panel domestic installation.  To hear what a SolarEdge system can do for you and get a quote Contact Us.

Innovation in Solar Power

SolarEdge is recognised Worldwide as the innovators when it comes to solar power. They have won the prestigious Intersolar Award twice.  Most recently for a new inverter called the HD wave. This record efficiency solar inverter is being hailed as one of the most significant leaps in solar technology in the past 20 years.

A  SolarEdge system provides the most modern power generation, monitoring and safety features available. They invented the first truly holistic solar system and to maximise consumption of your own power they have also invented a solar storage solution called StorEdge.  SolarEdge is also compatible with sonnenBatterie eco 8,  LG Chem RESU and Tesla Powerwall 2 solar batteries.

The video shows what SolarEdge is capable of.  For further information Contact Us.

SolarEdge Inverters – HD Wave & StorEdge

The original SolarEdge inverter can be used on One Phase and Three Phase homes.  A variety of capacities is available.  The HD wave is the highest performing inverter on the market as well as being one of the smallest. SolarEdge also has its own solar storage solution called StorEdge.  This enables unused solar power to be stored and it has an optional feature that automatically supplies power when the grid is down.  SolarEdge is also compatible with solar batteries such as the sonnenBatterie eco 8, LG RESU and Tesla Powerwall 2.

HD Wave solar inverter | Solarpro
Appliance control devices | Solarpro

The latest addition to the SolarEdge panel optimisers and superior monitoring capabilities is the Appliance Device Control Suite.  These small, inexpensive devices work with the StorEdge inverter to give you control over which appliances you want to power with your stored solar power.  You can finally use your solar power to heat your water with the immersion control device and turn your home into a Smart Home.

Individual Panel Performance – Why it is so Important

SolarEdge v traditional solar system | Solarpro

Each panel gives its maximum power

In a string solar power system, all panels produce the amount of power of the lowest performing panel in the string.  Optimised systems changed all of this and enabled each panel to produce the maximum power it could at any given time.

Most people are aware what this means in terms of managing shade on panels from objects such as a chimney or trees or even a cloud as illustrated above.  However, the following can also reduce your power production if you don’t have an optimised system.

Voltage Mismatch

Traditional systems lose 3-5% of potential available power due to voltage/panel mismatch. No panel is exactly the same as another, even if they are sold in a batch.  Because in traditional systems panels are configured in series this has a negative impact on power production.  Optimised systems allow every panel to work independently thus producing up to 5% more power straight away.  This is before shadow or any other issues are taken into account.  It is what occurs in laboratory conditions.

Shade Tolerant System

Shade comes in several forms – fixed shade from trees or another structure and moving shadow from passing clouds, bird droppings or dirt that is on the panels intermitently.  Every solar system is affected by shadow at some point of the day.  SolarEdge ensures that one panel does not have a negative impact on total system output.  Managing shade increases the amount of power generated by up to 25%.

A Truely Expandable System

With electricity prices continuing to rise, becoming as energy self-sufficient as possible now and having flexibility to increase this in the future is very appealing.  With the right system it is possible to install a small amount of panels on a larger inverter and add more later without having any voltage mismatch issues.  With SolarEdge you can start within a small budget and grow while continuing to achieve maximum power.

It is possible to add panels to a traditional string system provided your inverter is big enough and the panels have the same power generating specifications.  However, you will not achieve optimum power unless you retrofit modern technology.

Flexible Design

The ability to have panels operating individually rather than in series has opened up a multitude of design options including the use of more roof space and integrating different panels e.g., as windows or transparent deck covers.

Tried, Tested & Award Winning

SolarEdge was developed in Israel in 2006.  Tried and tested in Europe, USA and Japan it has been available in Australia since 2009.  Solarpro installed the first system in NSW.

When SolarEdge won the Red Herring 100 Award in 2010 it joined previous winners such as Google, Yahoo, Skype,,, YouTube, and Ebay as “a technology that is likely to have a significant influence on our lives and drive the economy”. It has certainly done that and it goes on to win Award after Award.  Most recently for its HD Wave inverter.