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Flexible design options with Solarpro

How solar power systems work

There are three types of solar inverters on the market – string, optimised and micro.  The inverter is the heart of the solar system and how it interacts with the solar panels determines the efficiency of your system. Solarpro recommends modern optimised systems, such as SolarEdge, which generates up to 25% more power than traditional string inverters.

More solar power from optimised inverters

The video explains how traditional string inverters, modern optimised inverters and micro inverters work.

SolarEdge optimised system

Optimised Solar Systems

Optimised solar systems enable solar panels to operate independently.  This increases power generation by up to 25% and brings flexibility to panel positioning.   SolarEdge was the first holistic optimised solar system.  It features:

  • Independent panel operation
  • Up to 25% more power
  • Panel installation in shade and on multiple roof aspects
  • The ability to add different panels in the future
  • Leading unique safety features
  • Longest warranties in the industry 12 & 25 years extendable
  • Sonnen eco, LG RESU and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery ready
  • Monitoring each panel with assistance from Solarpro
  • DC coupled battery connection
String solar inverter

String Solar Systems

These systems consist of an inverter connected to a string of solar panels. String solar systems  have limitations that prevent them from reaching their full potential power production.  This is simply a legacy of past design.  Technology has moved on. Solarpro sells string systems such as the Fronius inverter with LG or REC panels as a budget option and for use with solar batteries.  Things to consider are:

  • Up-front cost is less than optimised solar systems
  • Solar panels operate in series to the level of the lowest performing panel in the string
  • Power loss is caused by shade and voltage differences (no two panels are exactly the same)
  • Panel output cannot be monitored
  • Fonius string inverter is compatible with solar storage batteries
  • Optimised solar technology was developed to improve on string solar systems

Micro Inverter Systems

Solarpro does not recommend micro inverters for use in Australia:

  • They are rated to work up to 65 degrees compared to 85 degrees for optimisers
  • The warranty is only 10 years in Australia compared to 20 years in the USA
  • Liquid electrolyte is used
  • With twice as many parts as optimisers there is a greater risk of failure
  • The largest micro inverter is 280W. If you are using a 330W LG panel it will be chocked at the miro inverter
  • The battery is small and expensive 1.2kWh storage & 270W output (it will run your fridge light but not your fridge)
  • Incompatible with Reposit battery management

Why choose solar

Generating power from solar is a good investment.  It reduces your environmental footprint and saves you money every day.  It can increase property value or be taken with you. Modern technology has brought flexibility to the positioning of solar panels and increased power generation.  Affordable, compact battery storage with intelligent systems like Reposit is making it possible to use solar at night and ‘beat the electricity grid’. At Solarpro, we focus on reducing the running cost of your home and appliances by recommending the most appropriate solar power system.  Contact us for further information and ‘Good, Better, Best’ options.

How solar electricity is generated

When sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof a DC electric current is produced. An inverter, connected between the solar panels and your switchboard, converts the DC current into AC current, which powers your home or is fed into the electricity grid or a solar battery. The technology to generate solar power has been evolving to get the maximum possible electricity from the system. The following are the different types of system available in Australia.  Our research shows that the optimised style of system gives superior power generation and of these we believe SolarEdge delivers the best value for money.