Three Bean Cafe Solarpro installation

The Solarpro Advantage

  • Local installer means local after sales support
  • Experience with many local councils
  • Off-site internet monitoring service
  • In house installation team
  • Established local company since 2009

Cut your Electricity Bill in Half

There has never been a better time to invest in solar.  Businesses are seeing a ROI in as little as four years and electricity bills dropping by as much as half.  The electricity net metering system in NSWs favours the use of solar energy by businesses who uses electricity in daylight hours.  Installing a sonnen solar battery and becoming part of sonnenFlat can enable very low electricity rates to be negotiated.  Our Commercial Solar experts can quickly go through the possibilities for your business and expected ROI.  Contact us.

Finance for Small Business Owners & Lessees

No need to use capital up front, finance is available from Macquarie Bank for small and medium businesses on LG panels with SMA or SolarEdge inverters.  We can arrange finance even if you are renting your premises.  Your own bank may be willing to provide a loan when they know the Company and products are secure.

Not all solar systems are the same……Not all solar companies are the same….

Net Metering Benefits Business

The more energy self-sufficient you can be the better off you are.  Net metering for electricity means that if you use solar power for your daylight hours electricity needs it will be free.  Anything you don’t use will go to the grid and you will be paid 8 cents per kW.

Rapid Pay-off

If you use most of your electricity in daylight hours, e.g,, running office air conditioners, lights, machinery etc., the solar system you install will pay for itself quickly, especially if you have taken a finance option and used tax benefits.

Electricity prices are already spiralling. It is taking less and less time for systems to pay for themselves.  There is tax relief available.

Corporate Social Responsibility Incentives

‘Green’ credentials are good business with any stakeholder group whether its environmental reporting, helping win tenders, saving money through energy efficiency or simply making the working environment more pleasant. Solar is a cost-effective, visible, easily reported high energy saving solution.

Legislative Penalties & Gains

It seems inevitable that legislation will become increasingly tough on environmental polluters. There are rewards available to counter this and smart businesses are embracing the opportunity to make financial, political and social gains from society’s drive to protect our environment. It’s a good time to get ahead of the game.

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Lane Cove Library expanded 80kW solar system by Solarpro

80kW expanded Solar System for Lane Cove Library


Commercial Installation by Solarpro

15kW Solar System installed for Panel Beater in Brookvale

Solarpro commercial installation

12kW Solar System on Narrabeen Lakes Van Park for Pittwater Council