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Ground-Mounted Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solarpro ground-mounted pool heating and pumping

Increasingly customers are asking for alternatives to roof mounted solar panels.

To get the most compact, aesthetically pleasing and robust ground mounted solar pool heating system we have chosen the Solartherm panel.

The panels

The Solartherm panel is a fantastic product to work with when constructing a ground mounted pool heating system. Two considerations are important to us when designing your system:

1. The foot print of the system. To our knowledge there is no panel as efficient as this enclosed solar pool heating design. It is compact and whether it is used on your roof or in a ground mount, it takes up less space to generate the same heat as other systems.

2. The strength of the panel. The frame of the panel is an anodised aluminium extrusion which is easy for us to fix to the frame, it’s strong and will last for many years. The transparent polycarbonate cover can also be changed if damaged.

The Frame

We use 40mm galvanised pipe for the main construction of the frame for its proven strength and durability. The vertical pipes are concreted into the ground or can be cored into rock or concrete. This ensures that no updraft or wind will blow the Solartherm collectors over.

The pipes are bolted with purpose made connectors to get the optimal angle. We then bolt 40mm x 40mm square galvanised steel cross beams to support the panels to take the load of the panels when full of water. This is also strong enough for downward pressures such as wind.

First in NSW

The first ground mounted combined solar pool heating & pumping system in NSW. Specially designed by Solarpro to fit solar panels to operate a pool pump on top of Solartherm panels to heat a large pool.  This customer has a heated pool and will never pay pumping costs again!