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Solar Pool Heating Panels – Ground Mounted

You are looking at the largest privately owned ground mounted solar pool heating system in Australia.  The system has the potential to pump out a whopping 57 kilowatts of energy, all free from the sun!  The compact, enclosed SolarTherm pool heating panels make it possible to put them virtually anywhere, including on the ground.  This saves roof space which is becoming increasingly valuable for the installation of solar power systems.

People are increasing the size of their solar power (PV) systems because they are able to store their solar power in batteries for their own use rather than sending to the grid and to power their electric vehicles.  This decreases the amount of roof space available for traditional solar pool heating systems.

The SolarTherm panels are one of the answers to being able to benefit from solar pool heating as well as solar power.  There are two other innovative ways that Solarpro offers:

  1.  Purchase an EcoHeat electric heat pump and power it from your existing or new solar power system.  This will significantly reduce your costs.  We also have the technology to ensure your heat pump is powered only by solar rather than any grid electricity which brings your costs to nothing.
  2. The DualSun hybrid panel produces both heated pool water and solar power to run pool equipment and potentially domestic appliances with the correctly sized system.

Don’t hesitate to call to discuss how solar power can reduce your pool heating and running costs.