Solar pool heating & electricity

No Pool Heating Costs & Surplus Electricity

DualSun panels heat your swimming pool and generate solar power to run electrical pool equipment and even home appliances. With the correctly sized system you may have surplus solar power for your home appliances, heat pump, battery storage or sending to the grid.  Solarpro will give you the opportunity to have the panels installed with a SolarEdge optimised inverter.  This increases solar power generation and lets you turn your home into a ‘Smart Home’.  Let Solarpro’s pool heating experts turn a luxury item into one that saves or even makes you money.  Contact us.

Sustainable Energy

Not only do you get savings on something that would have been an out of pocket expense, you also turn your investment into a ‘zero energy pool’.  This is important because the simultaneous generation of electricity and heated water neutralises the ‘energy consumption’ aspect of a pool.  This is great for the environment and avoids future government legislation.

By generating your own clean, reliable and 100% renewable energy you can free yourself from electricity retailers, save money and reduce or remove your environmental ‘footprint’.

Solar hot water & electricity
Zero pool running costs with DualSun

How DualSun Works

To produce electricity solar panels convert sunlight into energy and they become hot.  Cooling them down increases their energy efficiency.  The DualSun panel circulates pool water through a heat exchanger in the panel and it absorbs the heat from the sun. The panel has a water inlet and outlet connection. We simply connect flow and return pipes under the panels as with any other solar pool heating system. DualSun has a controller which senses the panel temperature and the pool temperature. When the water in the solar panels is warm enough it switches the pump on and circulates water to the roof through the panels and back to the pool. The desired pool temperature can be set on the controller, so you have a set and forget system that will last for many years and simultaneously generate water cooled solar power.

Performance Enhancement

Getting the most from a solar system is Solarpro’s expertise.  We look at a customer’s overall energy situation and offer a correctly sized system that meets their requirements and delivers the best value for money.  With DualSun we are proposing offering the panels with a standard string inverter or with the optimised SolarEdge inverter.  The standard inverter system will be sized to deliver both your pool heating and equipment running requirements with any excess available for home use or export to the grid.

The SolarEdge option opens up the luxury end of the solar market at an affordable price.  The SolarEdge system manages shade and other panel performance issues to increase power generation by up to 25% compared to a string inverter.  The DualSun panels are water cooled which increases their efficiency.  The right-sized DualSun/SolarEdge system will produce sufficient solar power to run additional home appliances and your hot water system if desired.  Adding a solar battery gives you evening options and inexpensive ‘Appliance Devices’ puts you in control of when specific appliances receive power.  There are options to join sonnenFlat where you contribute excess solar power and in return negotiate a low fixed rate for extra solar power when you need it. In short, you become your own independent power producer, supplier and user.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated system. Give us a call to discuss what will suit you.

STC Solar Rebate

The DualSun system is eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).  These are a financial incentive from the Government for individuals and small businesses to install renewable energy systems.  The number of STCs per system depends on a number of factors.

Commercial installations may be entitled to Large-scale generation certificates.

Solar pool heating & electricity

Features of the Panel

  • Integrated heat exchanger
  • Water cooled solar panel
  • Slimline panel design
  • Panel size: 1677mm (L) x 990mm (W) 45mm (D)
  • Hail rated to AS 2712-2007
  • Cockatoo and vermin-proof
  • 60 monocrystalline cells per panel
  • Gross thermal area 1.654m2
  • Volume of heat transfer liquid 5L

Monitoring Performance

It is easy to monitor your energy production and system performance via an online interface.  Data can be viewed on a ‘Smart’ phone or tablet and reports produced. Track your investment performance over time.

Solar performance monitoring

To discuss your options with one of our experts in solar power and solar pool heating Contact Us.