Solar Pool Heating

The latest solar pool heating solution, DualSun, not only heats your pool but provides solar energy to power your pool running equipment and/or domestic appliances.  In addition, there are three other types of solar pool heating systems – Enclosed Panels, Open Panels and Solar Powered Heat Pumps.

Our pool heating experts would be delighted to discuss which option is best for your needs and budget. We no longer install open strip matting.  However, the open rigid panels are in essence a technologically improved and modern version of open strip matting.  All our quotes include a price on a pool blanket, which we strongly recommend you get whatever system you decide on.

Modern Solar Pool Heating

While the basic concept of solar heating remains the same as the black strips that cover many roofs, new technology has produced more efficient options that make a difference to the heat of your pool and the length of your swim season.  Bear in mind:

  • Wind not only cools your pool down it also strips the heat out of solar heating systems where the collectors are exposed.
  • Roof space is becoming valuable in terms of how many solar systems can be installed

We have researched the market for the systems we believe currently offer the best value:

Solar pool heating & electricity panel

The DualSun hybrid solar panel is a water cooled solar power generating panel.  The water used in the cooling process becomes hot enough to heat your pool and the solar electricity generated can be used to run your pool equipment.  Depending on the size of system there is often solar power left over which can be used for your domestic appliances.

Compact enclosed panels – extend your swim season

The most sophisticated pool heating system available and the way to significantly extend your swim season.  Aesthetically pleasing, this versatile, compact and enclosed panel retains more heat than other systems because it is wind-proof:  Learn more…..

  • It is wind-proof.
  • It takes up 40% less roof space than matting systems and can be ground mounted.
  • It’s cocky-proof too!  They won’t get near it!

The open panel

This concept seeks to increase heat retention compared to matting systems and has some of the attributes of the enclosed panel.  Our product choice is a leader in its class.  It uses solid interconnected flow tubes that are more durable than other systems and reduce heat loss by eliminating wind blowing between them:   Learn more…..

  • Uses 20% less roof space than a strip matting system
  • Cockatoo and vermin resistant

Solar powered heat pumps

Solarpro has the technology to install a solar system that will run your heat pump on free solar power.  This is a great economic, life-style and environmental solution.  You can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional electricity powered heat pump knowing that the electricity has been generated free from the sun.  Learn more….

 Pool blankets – retain heat: save money: look good!

Solarpro highly recommends pool blankets. 40% of heat loss escapes from the pool’s surface. It’s like trying to heat your home without a roof on!  Without any other heating they will raise the temperature by up to 7 degrees and they don’t have to look messy. Learn more…

Gas powered pool heating systems

We believe in most circumstances a solar pool heating option makes the best economic as well as environmental sense and will achieve your desired pool temperature.  However, everybody’s needs are different and we also have gas pool heating systems.  Learn more..

Unique money saving extras

At Solarpro we have your ongoing running
costs at the forefront of every system we
recommend. We use creative techniques
in our installations to keep your running
costs down.

Solarpro precisely adjusts pool water flow rate

Pump less and heat more

Solarpro precisely adjusts the rate water flows through the solar collectors to maximise heat and stop unnecessary pumping.

One pump instead of two

Solarpro’s creative plumbing can enable you to heat with one pump, not two. This alone will halve your running costs.

Enclosed solar pool heating panel

Money saving products

Solarpro uses enclosed panels that ‘bank heat’. A precise temperature is taken from the solar collector rather than the roof surface. The pump only operates when it is needed so you save money.

Eliminate all running costs

Solarpro can design a system that lets you heat and filter your pool using free energy from the sun.