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Solar Installations

Does your installer/manufacturer offer a repair/replacement service?

Solarpro provides a repair and replacement service whether it was the original installer or not.  Solar technology is generally reliable but things can go wrong.  For years, solar panels were not being monitored so nobody knew if they were providing the amount of power the manufacturers’ claimed they would.

Some repairs are free

If you are located around 20km from Allambie Heights and are in need of repairs, replacement or maintenance please give us a call.  Our call out rates are competitive and if you have LG solar panels it won’t cost you anything, even if we were not the original installer. This is because Solarpro has met stringent criteria to become one of LG’s Local Solar Dealers.  Learn more below and see our solar panel page.

Repairs for Solar Power Panels, Solar Pool Heating Systems and Solar Hot Water

In addition to repairs and maintenance for solar power panels, Solarpro also has a solar hot water service agreement and provides repairs and replacements for solar pool heating systems.

The Solarpro difference

When selecting an installer, it is a good idea to check whether they offer a repair service and if they check-out the financial security and other stability criteria of the manufacturers they intall for.  We have been doing this since we started in 2009 and it is one of the reasons Solarpro has survived in the volatile solar industry when others have not. We hope the following information helps you – just skip through to what you are interested in.

What can go wrong with solar power systems?

If you had your solar system installed around  you would have been in the period when regretably there were disreputable installers around who were just in it to make a quick buck from government rebates.  Many of these companies were not qualified or did not know enough about solar to correctly install systems.

We have found issues from incorrect wiring to whole strings of panels that have not been producing. Customers often don’t realise because a small amount of power is coming through.

Main issues we have found:

  • Your inverter and/or solar panels may have been incorrectly installed.
  • You may have been encouraged to purchase cheap panels that were not properly manufactured or tested and are not performing to the level they should.
  • You may have a cheap inverter that has worn out and is no longer converting DC (direct current) from your solar panels to AC (alternating power) for use in your home.
  • Even very good inverters can sometimes develop a fault – might just need a re-boot.
  • Wires can get pulled out by possums or vermin.
  • Diodes can deteriorate over time.
  • Panels can degrade for various reasons, including exposure to extreme heat
  • Leaves, debris, bird-droppings, salt-spray and dirt can get stuck on one or more panel and this can impact your entire system’s output if you do not have an optimised system where the each panel works independently.

Will your installer/manufacturer support their warranty?

There were many reputable installers and manufacturers (including Bosch Solar) that couldn’t survive changes in the solar industry and went out of business.  This has brought its own set of issues when it comes to warranties.

The average warranty on solar panels is 10yrs, although LG Solar goes beyond this and confidently offers 12yrs, partly because of its highly skilled Local Dealer Network.

Try to use a local installer that you have checked is reputable

Whether manufacturers gave these warranties in good faith or not.  The fact remains that they are only worth having if the issuing Company is still in business to honour it.  Even if the manufacturer is still in business, they may be based overseas or in a different State and the installers they used may have gone bancrupt.

  • Check proposed installer’s credentials and credibility – web sites can tell you a lot
  • Look at whether they have had any independent assessment e.g., Solarpro was assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and five separate local governments as part of selection for the Climate CleverShop.
  • Check what manufacturers the installer works for and what criteria they have had to meet.
  • Ask for references!!!  Do any of us really believe the list of  positive comments some companies post on their sites.  A reputable company will potentially be able to put you in touch with somebody near you who they have worked for or at least show you a genuine letter or email or a video.

Repairs using Solarpro in the LG Local Dealer Network

Solarpro has carefully selected the manufacturers it works with and in some cases been carefully selected by them.  For example, we assess LG as a very secure manufacuturer because they are multinational, have a diverse product range and have been ethical and professional enough to carefully select and establish a Local Dealer Network and a Head Office in Sydney.  As part of the Dealer Network, Solarpro  has various assurances from LG, including security of supply.

Free Repairs

LG pays Solarpro to repair LG panels regardless of whether Solarpro was the initial installer. LG provides appropriate training to Solarpro on all their products including their latest panels.

What LG required from Solarpro:

  • High level of customer service
  • High installation quality
  • Current training being up-to-date & a commitment to meeting future training standards
  • Delivery of Quality Assurance processes
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience within the solar industry