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Solar Hot Water by Solarpro

Solar Hot Water Systems

Switching to solar hot water can save you a lot of money. Hot water systems use more power than other household appliances.  On average they can account for between 30-35% of total electricity costs. Depending on your roof’s orientation and water consumption, a Solar Hot Water System has the potential to reduce water heating costs by up to 80%.  If you have a SolarEdge power system you also have an option to install an immersion heater device which diverts excess solar power to heat your water without the need to purchase a separate solar hot water system.

Solarpro started as a solar hot water company.  We pride ourselves on our hot water installations and don’t cut corners. We only use copper piping (no cheap plastic) and 13mm wall pipe lagging to reduce heat loss All pipe work is installed in discreet pipe ducts or in the wall’s cavity, and all exposed pipe work on the roof is fitted in a special UV proof solar pipe lagging.  There are three solar hot water systems available:

Flat plate collectors

Flate plate solar hot water

Rinnai’s flat plate solar hot water system is a high quality, cost effective system that provides different options on panels and tanks.  It also has an added bonus that the collectors are manufactured in Australia.

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes solar hot water

Evacuated tube systems are a well established method of generating hot water from the sun.  Modern solar technology has provided alternatives that in some circustances offer superior performance.

Close Coupled

Close Coupled Solar Hot Water system

The advantage of the close coupled system is that it has no pump to circulate water to the roof. The water heats by convection circulating throughout the system using the heat rises theory. This makes it super-efficient.

Quality at No Extra Cost

  • We use quality copper pipes
  • 13mm wall pipe lagging reduces heat loss
  • Pipe work hidden in discreet pipe ducts/wall’s cavity
  • UV proof solar pipe lagging on exposed pipes on roof
  • Labour as well as products is guaranteed
  • Solarpro’s owner, David Veal is  a specialist solar plumber by trade
  • Repeat contracts for local governments
  • Commercial as well as residential installations
  • Certified eco-plumber
  • Solarpro was independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and made a preferred supplier of the ClimateClever Shop for hot water systems