Solar Hot Water Installation Process

Solarpro hot water installation

Once we have determined the best location for the panels we slide the tiles back to find two rafters.Exposing rafters for solar hot water installation

We then double screw the stainless steel mounting straps to the rafter and mould the strap to the profile of the tile. This prevents any water leaking into the roof. The tiles then go back down in their original position.

We then mount the panels on the lower bracket and connect the panels together. The top bracket is fitted much the same as the bottom bracket and then both panels are bolted to the brackets.Attaching panels in solar hot water installation

Then the plumbing is fitted to the panels and connected to the flow/return lines down to the tank on the ground. We only use high quality copper pipe work, never cheap plastic.

Once ready we use UV rated pipe lagging to reduce heat loss. This is rarely used by installers due to its cost but we don’t cut corners here. Cheap or unprotected lagging will deteriorate after a year or so. Heat loss will cause the pump to over work reducing the life of it.

Connecting the pipes in solar hot water installation

The tank is then installed which is a gas boosted system. A pipe duct is fitted to protect the two pipes which run up the wall.

We then test and commission the system.

Quality at No Extra Cost


  • We use quality copper pipes
  • Quality manifolds
  • 13mm wall pipe lagging reduces heat loss
  • Pipe work hidden in discreet pipe ducts/wall’s cavity
  • UV proof solar pipe lagging on exposed pipes on roof
  • Labour as well as products is guaranteed
  • Solarpro’s owner, David Veal is  a specialist solar plumber by trade
  • Repeat contracts for local governments
  • Commercial as well as residential installations
  • Certified eco-plumber
  • Solarpro was independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and made a preferred supplier of the ClimateClever Shop for hot water systems