Solar Hot Water Incentives & Rebates

Solarpro Solar Hot Water

Solar Makes Sense

Rising world energy prices, good investment returns on solar systems, the continuing drive to reduce CO2 emissions and Australia’s climate are good incentives to install solar.

In addition, the Federal and State Governments have introduced various financial incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Benefit of High Energy-Efficient Systems

When choosing a system it is very important to check how energy efficient it is and how many Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) it attracts.  These convert into money and can make a big difference to the price.  The systems Solarpro uses are amongst the highest energy efficiency systems as determined by the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator.

The information given here is from government sources and subject to change.   Links to web sites are given for your convenience.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

The Government supports households to install climate-friendly hot water systems through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Under this scheme, solar and heat pump hot water systems are assigned a number of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Retailers usually offer an upfront discount on systems in exchange for the STCs.

The more energy efficient a solar hot water system is, the more STCs it is awarded.  Solarpro takes this into account in the selection of the systems it installs.

STC Zones

For the purpose of STC assessment, Australia has been divided into 4 solar zones as shown in the map.

STC zones

Solarpro Advantage

  • We have high energy efficient systems
  • High energy efficiency systems get more STCs
  • Advice on what to buy and when in order to maximise your solar benefits
  • STC point of sale discounts