Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes solar hot water

Evacuated tube systems are a well established method of generating hot water from the sun.  Modern solar technology has provided alternatives that in some circustances offer superior performance.  However, evacuated tubes remain popular and there are some excellent high quality, very good value products available.

Our Product Choice

Rinnai produces a system that has a slimline ground mounted tank installed separately from light weight solar collectors that are energy efficient. A solar control unit circulates water between the tank and the header pipe above the tubes.

Benefits & Features

  • Only the solar collection tubes are visible on the roof
  • The collection tubes come in 20, 25 or 30 configurations
  • Solar collection tubes are frost tolerant down to -12° C
  • Slimline vitreous enamel lined steel tanks up to 315 litres
  • A sacrificial anode is in the tank for additional protection
  • No need to reinforce the roof structure as the tank is at ground level
  • Can have electric boost or continuous flow gas boost

 Electric or Gas Boosted

The systems are available in electric and gas boosted. Gas is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate but not always possible to install due to regulations and gas supply.  For advice Contact Us.

Rinnai Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes solar hot water

Solarpro’s Commitment

  • We use quality copper pipes
  • Top quality manifolds
  • 13mm wall pipe lagging reduces heat loss
  • Pipe work hidden in discreet pipe ducts/wall’s cavity
  • UV proof solar pipe lagging on exposed pipes on roof
  • Labour as well as products is guaranteed

Solarpro’s Credentials

  • Solarpro’s owner, David Veal is  a specialist solar plumber by trade
  • Repeat contracts for local governments
  • Commercial as well as residential installations
  • Certified eco-plumber
  • Solarpro was independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and made a preferred supplier of the ClimateClever Shop for hot water systems