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Powerwall 2 solar battery installation | Solarpro

Add Tesla Powerwall to any existing solar system and reduce your electricity bill

Powerwall 2 has a capacity of 13.5kWh. This is twice the capacity of  its predecessor and one of the largest on the market. With Powerwall 2 you are in control. You can use your solar power in the evenings and to avoid peak periods.  You can monitor the system through the Tesla app.  Powerwall 2 is designed to get your electricity bill as low as possible. According to consumer advocacy group ‘Choice’, some people are achieving a 90% reduction in their bill. Solarpro installed the first Powerwall 2 on the Northern Beaches (Manly Daily & Daily Telegraph 15/6/2017).  For further information and a free quote Contact Us.

About Powerwall 2

New from Tesla, Powerwall 2 is a compact, large capacity (13kWh) lithium ion solar battery.  Connected to a correctly sized solar power system, it is estimated it can power a two bedroom home for a day.  It will enable you to have lights and appliances on in the evening, maximising your household consumption of solar energy to save money on your electricity bill.

It has a Tesla Energy designed and built battery pack.  The battery cells are produced by Panasonic.

Adding to an Existing Solar System

It is an AC coupled battery which makes it compatible with all existing solar systems. It can simply be added to your current system without the need to purchase a battery inverter. If your existing solar system has a string solar inverter, you might want to consider installing technology to optimise your panels for maximum power generation.

Part of a New Solar System

You will need to purchase a solar inverter and panels if you don’t have an existing system.  Solarpro recommends SolarEdge optimised solar system or a Fronius string inverter with an option to add some simple technology to optimise the solar panels.  This means the panels will deliver the maximum power they can irrespective of what other panels are producing.  Optimised systems deliver up to 25% more power.  If you are going for battery storage to be as self-sufficient as possible, you want the highest solar production you can get.

How Powerwall 2 works

The diagram shows how solar energy (DC – direct current) goes into the solar inverter where it is converted to electricity (AC – alternating current) which we use to power our appliances.  The excess electricity goes into the battery inverter where it is converted back to DC energy for storage.  When it is needed to power appliances or to go to the grid the battery inverter changes it back to AC electricity.

Installing Powerwall 2

It can be mounted on an internal or external wall or sit on the ground.  You can have up to 9 Powerwalls.

Powerwall 2 has a liquid thermal control system that regulates its internal temperature to maximise battery performance in any climate. However,  Solarpro recommends an inside installation where possible.

Powerwall 2 | Solarpro Installation

Tesla Powerwall 2 | Solarpro installation
Solar system with battery storage

Tesla Powerwall 2 Technical Specifications

Tesla Powerwall 2 solar battery

Capacity:                13.5kWh

Power:                     7kW peak/5kW continuous

Weight:                    120kg

Dimensions:           1150mm (h) x 755mm (w) x 155 mm(d)

Quantity:                  Up to 9 Powerwalls can be installed

Operating Temp:  -20C to 50C

Capacity Warranty:        70% after ten years

Round Trip Efficiency:  91.8%

Depth of Discharge:       100%

Installation:  Floor or wall mounted.  Indoor or outdoor


A new version of My Tesla website & mobile app which includes solar system monitoring and Powerwall 2 integration is available. The app has a Power Flow screen which shows real-time data on solar power generation, storage, home consumption and energy export. You will also receive alerts if Powerwall is preparing for very bad weather.

Back-up Power

There are two versions of Powerwall 2 available.  One has a backup facility to provide power to selected appliances in the event of a power black-out.  The other does not have a backup facility.  If you want the backup or think you might in the future, it is important to choose that system.  The one without backup cannot have it added later.

For safety reasons, solar batteries don’t automatically supply power if the grid is down.  If you want to keep some appliances operating during a power black out you can.  This may require an add on to the solar battery or in Tesla’s case a different version of the Powerwall 2.

Powerwall monitoring app | Solarpro

Guarantee and Customer Service

The Powerwall 2 comes with a capacity guarantee from Tesla Energy of 70% after 10 years.  Solarpro is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and very experienced in all aspects of solar from power to enclosed pool heating panels.  Solarpro has been installing the original Powerwall since its earliest days in Australia and we were delighted to be the first company to install the new Powerwall 2 on the Northern Beaches.

We are available to answer all your questions, and to provide expert advice. We follow or exceed industry best practice in our installations and are here to support you afterwards.

Solarpro has a variety of solar storage solutions.  Powerwall 2 is one of our preferred solar battery systems.  We would be delighted to discuss your solar storage options and find the best solution for your needs and budget.  Contact Us.