Reposit solar battery management

Reposit Intelligent Solar Storage Management System

Reposit is an Australian designed technology that is changing the way we use the stored energy in our solar batteries. It’s a very cost effective way of boosting the IQ of your solar battery and will speed up the financial return. Reposit has two functions – Intuitive Load Shifting and generating ‘Grid Credits’.

Complete solar battery systems such as Sonnen include Predictive Management or IQ software to ensure the solar power you generate gets you the best value for money.  Others, such as the LG Chem RESU are just batteries.  Reposit can be added to these solar batteries to make them manage stored solar power in a smart way. Take a look at the video to see what Reposit has done for one of Solarpro’s customers and what it can do for you.  For further information and a quote Contact Us.


How Reposit Works

Function one

Intuitive load shifting

This is 80% of the value Reposit can give you.

Reposit is intelligent software that updates its knowledge base every four seconds and learns your daily energy patterns. It learns:

  • How much energy you generate from your solar system
  • How much energy you use
  • Which days and what time you use that energy

Via the internet, it also communicates with the NASA satellite network.  Reposit now knows what the weather forecast is and can use that information to help predict what energy you will require. It then provides optimisation calculations 24 hours in advance.

How it works

Let’s say tomorrow is Wednesday and it’s going to rain. On Wednesdays, you usually use 18kWh of energy throughout the day. Reposit assesses the weather forecast 24hrs in advance. So, in this scenario, it has determined that due to the bad weather you will only produce 8kWh of energy from your solar system tomorrow. Depending on your battery’s capacity, this may mean your battery will not fully charge from the solar system. You will be short 10kWh and will have to buy your energy off the grid in the peak tariff when it costs the most.

Reposit now steps into action and without any effort from you. Tonight, during the off-peak tariff Reposit will charge your battery with the required 10kWh of energy you will need tomorrow. If your battery has the capacity, you will now have a battery charged with enough cheaper energy to get you through the expensive shoulder and peak energy tariffs tomorrow.

This function alone will speed up the ROI (Return on Investment) of the battery significantly, but there’s more. Take a look at function two.

Function Two

Receive grid credits

This is 20% of the value you get from Reposit.

Many people are not aware that the spot price of energy on the wholesale market your energy retailer buys from changes every 30 minutes. We have seen the price of energy fluctuate by 300% in a single day.

How it works

These price spikes are forced by customer demand. With Reposit installed some selected energy retailers now see you as a valuable energy generator. More than just being an energy consuming customer you have another value to them and they are prepared to pay you handsomely for it.

You now have stored power and you can help the grid and them out during these price spikes. If you allow your selected retailer e.g., Diamond Energy, the ability to discharge your battery you will be credited $1.00kWh on your power bill for the privilege. This “Grid Event” means you can be paid up to ten times more for your stored solar power than you have to pay the grid for electricity!

It won’t happen every day but when your stored power is cheaper for your retailer to buy from you rather than the open market it will happen.

Reposit intelligent battery system

LG Chem HV solar battery, SolarEdge inverter & Reposit

Solar Battery, Solar Inverter & Reposit | Solarpro

An example of a system that is compatible with Reposit is the LG Chem HV solar battery with a SolarEdge inverter.  The LG Chem 10kWh solar battery and SolarEdge inverter and  has one of the best continuous discharge rates for any single phase Reposit battery system.

Using the Diamond Energy GridCredits 100 retail plan, 5kW of continuous power translates into $5 per hour during GridCredits events.