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LG RESU solar batteries

Solarpro has various solar storage solutions to suit different needs and budgets.  One of the best solar battery options on the market is the LG RESU series.  These batteries have industry-leading continuous power levels and are DC coupled which makes them more energy efficient than AC coupled batteries. There are low and high voltage models available. Compact and lightweight, they can be mounted on an internal or external wall or sit on the ground. They are also compatible with Reposit, a battery management system that ensures you get the most financial benefit from your solar power generation.

About LG Chem RESU

The RESU is a popular compact solar battery.  Unlike some others, it is just a DC battery. However, if you add a StorEdge inverter and the Reposit IQ box you have got yourself a very smart storage system that lets you use free power when buying from the grid is expensive (load-shifting) and will learn your life style, predict weather and make appropriate adjustments to maximise solar power use to get your bill as low as possible.

The energy efficiency gains it achieves over AC coupled solar batteries like Powerwall 2 and the sonnen solar battery system are around 10%.

LG RESU | Solarpro Install

LG Chem RESU | Solarpro installation

LG Chem RESU 10kW (HV)

LG RESU solar battery

Storage Capacity: 9.3kWh

Power: 7kW peak/ 5kW max continuous

Weight: 97-99.8kg

Dimensions: 907mm (h) 744mm (w)  206mm (d)

Warranty: 80% capacity after 10 years

Round trip efficiency: 95%

DC Voltage | 350-450 385-500

Depth of Discharge | 90%

LG Chem RESU 10kW (LV)

LG RESU solar battery

Storage Capacity:  9.3kWh

Power:  7kW peak/5kW max continuous

Weight: 75kg

Dimensions:  483mm  (h) 452mm (w)  227mm (d)

Warranty: 80% capacity after 10 years

Round trip efficiency: 95%

DC Voltage: 48V

Depth of Discharge: 100%




DC coupled v’s AC coupled

An important thing to know when considering a battery is that there is no such thing as an AC (alternating current) battery. All batteries are DC (direct current). Each time electricity is converted from DC-AC or vice versa there are energy losses. These losses are around 5% for each conversion. With a DC coupled solution there is only a single conversion. With an AC coupled solution there are three conversions. So a DC coupled battery is more energy efficient.

Back-up Power

It is often assumed that when a battery is being installed with a solar system the battery will keep supplying energy to the home if the grid shuts down. This is not always correct. In fact, most systems will leave you in the dark. When the LG RESU is connected to the SolarEdge back-up circuit, it is one of the few batteries that will continue to charge from the solar panels if the grid shuts down.

Monitoring & Reposit

With an LG solar battery plus SolarEdge inverter combination, you require only one application for all the monitoring of individual solar panels, solar generation, battery storage, home energy consumption and energy export. This way you can keep tabs on your usage. This system also works seamlessly with Reposit battery management, which is like adding a brain to your battery.  Reposit will speed up your return on investment (ROI) by automatically load shifting cheaper off peak electricity into your battery which can be used in the peak period. It can also earn you money in the form of GridCreditsTM which are credited to your power bill at $1/kWh.

The LG battery/SolarEdge combination can be installed on a single or three phase house.

The Solarpro Advantage

Solarpro is not affiliated with a particular brand.  We choose the products we recommend based on market research of the product and the manufacturer.  The solutions we recommend for customers are based on their overall energy consumption and power needs.  We seek out innovative products that reduce your energy costs. We have after sales care and are a one stop shop for all your solar needs from solar power and storage to solar hot water, solar pool heating and pumping.

About LG Chem

LG has more experience than any other home battery company in the industry. The battery division of LG, was established in the 1940s.  Called LG Chem it is an integrated battery manufacturer with strong research and development capabilities and an excellent reputation.  LG is a stable company that puts safety and quality at the forefront of every product it makes.