Solar storage battery in a unit

Solar Batteries for Units

In a Unit and unable to benefit from solar savings? If your ‘Strata Management’ arrangement means you are unable to achieve electricity savings from solar we have a solution for you – load shifting using a solar storage battery.  We can install a sonnen or Tesla Powerwall 2 in your Unit.  You can then set yourself up to buy power from your energy provider when the cost is at its lowest.  This energy is stored in your battery for you to power your electrical appliances with cheap electricity when everyone else in the block is paying peak hour price.  There will be a noticeable drop in your electricity bill.  Of course, there is the cost of the battery but all scenarios show electricity prices continuing to rise.  It is also becoming more popular and easier for savings from solar system installations to be shared among units.  If this happened in your block you would be set-up for even more savings.  We have experts who can talk you through the battery option and the current ways solar power can be made available to Unit owners. Contact us..