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Smart Solar Pool Heating

It’s time to get smart about pool heating costs. Solar is now an option for heat pumps as well as solar pool heating systems. Of non-solar systems, electric powered heat pumps have long been a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way to control your pool temperature year round.
Solar pool heating systems have been limited by how much of the year they can heat the pool. Largely due to exposure to the elements, particularly wind. Innovative technology has brought about three changes. All designed to put you in control, get your costs down and be kind to our environment:
  • Now we can set-up a Solar Power System to Provide Free Electricity to your Heat Pump when you want it all year; or
  • Install Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels to stop the wind chill effect and get you in the pool early in the season and stay later; and
  • We have the DualSun hybrid solar panel which generates solar power for running pool pumps etc., and heats your pool from the same panel.
Finally, we have an innovative version of the old solar strip matting – Open Solar Pool Heating Panels. Call us to discuss your best options; we seek to meet all needs and budgets.  Solarpro has an advantage in being both a Solar Power & Batteries installer as well as Solar Pool Heating.  Our experts are happy to advise you or we can provide a quick quote of the systems you are interested in.