Pool Heating Blankets

Unobtrusive pool blankets

Would you try to heat your house without the roof on?

If you do nothing else in terms of heating your pool at least put a pool blanket on, particularly at the polar ends of the swim season.  On their own they increase water temperature by up to 7 or 8 degrees.  Combined with Solartherm’s enclosed solar pool heating panels they can really extend your swim season.

Solutions to past problems

  • No room for a roller – Not a problem try the Roller Stick
  • No room for the roller stick – try a liquid pool blanket
  • Rollers can be unsightly – Not any more take a look at Daisy’s Show Case and other options

Reduce costs

A pool blanket is an inexpensive way to enable you to use your pool longer.  We highly recommend them. If your pool is heated, a blanket can reduce your heating energy costs 50-70% and they save water.

We have researched the market and can supply a range of pool blankets in different shades and sizes with different roller and storage options.  All good quality, value for money and amongst the best on the market.

Swim in Autumn and Spring

In mid-Autumn and early Spring the extra warmth generated by a well fitting, good quality blanket can take the chill off your pool and let you swim a bit longer.  Based on CSIRO tests and data, in Sydney just using a blanket you could achieve these temperatures:

Mar 27.4ºC  April 22.3ºC  Sept 21.1ºC  Oct 25.6ºC

If you install solar pool heating as well, then achieving higher temperatures becomes possible and you start to see the potential to be swimming comfortably in May and on into the winter.

How the blanket works

Energy from the sun passes through the transparent blanket and heats the pool water. The blanket insulates the pool to prevent evaporation and heat loss while it continues to direct solar energy into the pool.
Water absorbs solar heat very well.  To get maximum benefit we recommend lighter coloured transparent blankets. The reason for recommending a transparent cover is because it allows solar radiation to 
enter the water during the day.  It basically heats the pool as if it was uncovered.  If the cover is dark, it is essentially relying on it heating up rather than radiant heat passing through it directly into the pool.

Looking Good

Pool blankets and rollers can be kept tidy and concealed to blend in with your pool area. There are options ranging from Daisy’s elite Show Case where the blanket rolls neatly into its own stylish box at the touch of a remote control button to other less expensive options.
Less expensive options are to design or adapt a bench or other pool side feature to conceal the roller and blanket when not in use.  We can offer advice on what has worked for other customers.

Whatever your budget a pool blanket will:

  • Increase heat retention by up to 7 degrees
  • Reduce energy costs by 50-70%
  • Reduce water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Reduce chemical consumption by 30-60%
  • Reduce debris, saving costly filtration time by up to 50% and your time cleaning!

Pool blanket bubbles retain heat

The use of bubbles is simple and effective.  Radiant heat enters the water, is trapped and enhanced by the bubble blanket.

Daisy Box enclosed roller

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The Daisy box makes a convenient bench and has storage space for your pool essentials.

Solar Roller Cover Stick

The Solar Roller Cover Stick is a simple, fast & affordable device that rolls covers in just 15 seconds!

Liquid pool blanket


Pool blankets can really help in Autumn & Spring.  If you don’t have space for even the Solar Roller, then think about a liquid pool blanket. The Ecosavr™ fish will cover a 400 square foot pool (a pool with approximately 15,000 gallons of water) for about a month. For a larger pool more will be needed.