Best pool water flow rate

Perfect pool heating rate

Solarpro uses an ultrasonic flow meter to set solar pool heating systems to the perfect water flow rate. This stops needless pumping, saving electricity and money.

Each panel has been tested by the manufacturer for its most efficient flow rate. You can imagine if water is flowing too fast through the collectors they will not absorb enough heat from the sun which would mean you are pumping water over your roof for hours a day for no reason. Similarly if there is not enough water flowing through the collectors they won’t heat the pool correctly.

Ensuring you have the correct water flow rate will save you money when running your solar pool heating system.  Your installer should use an ultrasonic flow meter to set your system to the perfect rate at the completion of the installation.

Solarpro tests every system after installation and adjusts the flow rate with a valve that is set to the perfect flow rate. This ensures your system is running to the highest efficiency and you are not wasting electricity with senseless pumping.

So, to save money, make sure your installer adjusts your solar pool heating system to the perfect flow rate using an ultrasonic flow rate meter. This will ensure your system runs at top efficiency for many years to come.