Electricity bill breakdown

How to reduce your electricity costs

Here’s how to completely remove or substantially reduce your electricity bill using sonnenFlat, Reposit, SolarEdge appliance control devices and being smart. In 2015/16 the average Australian electricity bill was $1,524 and 48% of it went to our old and failing grid.  Your electricity retail company got 24% which includes both their profits and costs, including advertising!  Generators (wholesalers) got 22% for electricity produced predominantly from coal or gas.  In 2017, electricity bills increased by 20% and it is anticipated they will rise year on year.

The price you pay for your electricity includes the tariff, fees and other charges that apply under your current plan and contract. Usually GST is added to your total bill.  Prices are subject to government regulation in some states.  However, here in NSW the electricity retailers set their own prices.  The amount you pay is based on your electricity consumption.  This is measured by how much power you use over an hour.  This is known as the watt hour (Wh).  A thousand watt hours is one kilowatt hour (kWh).  A smart meter will measure your consumption every 30 minutes.

Your electricity bill will have the total number of kilowatt hours used over a period of time – usually three months.

SonnenFlat – $0 electricity bill

You can reduce the amount you pay to retailers and wholesalers by investing in solar and being smart with how you use your power as detailed below.  However, the only way to avoid paying for what is often described as an ageing grid with good money being thrown after bad, is to go completely off-grid or change to a more modern system.  A system that not only saves you money with a low capped fee instead of an electricity bill but also eases the pressure on our ageing electricity infrastructure.

Relatively new to Australia, sonnenFlat is well established in Germany and over 30,000 people in Europe are already members.  It is basically a network of solar power generating homes which become a huge power station with control of their own power.  Sonnen coordinates it for a capped monthly fee which also guarantees an additional amount of kWh should you need it to supplement your own production. To become a member of the sonnen solar community you have to have a solar power system, purchase a sonnenBatterie eco and apply to join sonnenFlat.  Learn more…

Reducing how much you pay

You can act now to reduce how much you pay for electricity even without renewable energy.  Here are a couple of tips:

  • Work out how much energy your household uses and when
  • Time your energy hungry appliances to come on when electricity prices are lowest

If you have or are thinking of installing a solar power system you can time your energy hungry appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine to come on when your panels are producing more energy than is being consumed by your household.  This can be made easy by using smart systems such as Reposit or SolarEdge appliance control devices.

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