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Gas Pool Heating

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The most cost-effective way to heat your pool is using solar.  Now that compact, wind-proof solar pool heating is available you are also able to use free energy to heat your pool for a much longer swim season than in the past.

However, some of our customers want to use the pool or spa all year.  We are pleased to offer a range of gas pool heaters to enable you to do this.  As with all the products we provide we have extensively researched the market and are confident in the reliability and value for money of these products.

Innovative Products

We are offering a range of heaters to suit different needs and budgets.  The range includes the innovative Viron Gas Pool and Spa Heater.

Energy & Water Savings

With operating efficiencies of up to 97%, Viron reduces operating costs by more than 20% over conventional gas heaters. By absorbing so much heat into the pool water, Viron produces up to 10 litres of condensation per hour which can be piped back into the pool or spa. In fact, in a typical pool heating application Viron can add more than 3000 litres of water to a pool each year, reducing the need to top it up.

Unique Technology

Viron’s technology has been developed around a unique stainless steel knitted mesh burner which fires downwards through multiple layers of extruded finned tube through which the pool or spa water passes. This unique burner utilises a fan which premixes gas and air for perfect combustion, regardless of the water installation or weather conditions.

The heat exchanger absorbs so much heat from the combustion process that the flue gases condensate. This condensation is then collected and can be returned to the swimming pool. The mildly acidic condensation also helps counter balance the alkaline effects of most chlorines and salt chlorinators, reducing the need to add acid and balance your pool water.

Electronic Management System

The Genus IV electronic management system monitors pool and spa water temperature, heat exchanger temperature, gas input and the level of condensation for you to enjoy the perfect swimming conditions. Once your pool heater is within 1 degree of the desired (or set point) temperature, the electronics turn down the firing rate of the heater to exactly match the heat loss of the pool. This achieves a remarkable efficiency of up to 97%.

Other Gas Heaters

The other heaters in our range are the Hurlcon MX & HX series which also have some unique and innovative features.

Copper-Nickel Heat Exchanger

The heart of any gas pool or spa heater is its heat exchanger. Its task is to efficiently transfer the heat generated by burning gas to the pool or spa water. This is achieved by passing that water through tubes of amazing Hurlcon Copper-Nickel heat exchanger. On the outside, these tubes are covered in ultra thin fins. These fins absorb the heat produced by the burners below and transfer it to the water flowing inside each tube.

Genus Control System

Genus is much more than just a clever controller. The large Liquid Crystal Display was designed to be the perfect diagnosis tool providing as much, or as little information as you require. It displays water pressure and thermostat operation, ignition status, actual and set point temperatures. It even helps protect the heater and can be used to run a complete fault analysis if ever necessary.

Made in Australia

Designed and built in Australia, HX heaters incorporate a marine grade powder coated external cabinet which will ensure that it will perform efficiently and last longer in all weather conditions.

We would be happy to discuss our range of innovative gas pool heating systems to determine the best solution for your needs and budget.


Swim All Year

Viron Gas Heater from Solarpro

Viron Gas Pool Heater

  • 30 – 50% smaller than conventional gas heaters
  • Genus IV electronic management system achieves up to 97% efficiency
  • 4 models available

Inside the Viron gas heater

Inside the Viron Heater