Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat plate solar hot water collectors

Our Product Choice

Rinnai’s flat plate solar hot water system is a high quality, cost effective system that provides different options on panels and tanks.  It also has an added bonus that the collectors are manufactured in Australia.  Typically, where there is a roof angled 45 degrees either side of north, a flat plate collector will be perfect for the job.

Choice of Panels

Rinnai have two different panels available for two budgets. The Enduro panel is a high quality cost effective panel that is light weight and very efficient. The Excelsior panel is their top of the line panel. It features mitered anodized aluminium corners, a full aluminium backing plate and glass that can be replaced if broken.

Choice of Tanks

The tank is either carbon steel lined with vitreous enamel or our preferred material is marine grade stainless steel.

A sacrificial anode is provided in the vitreous enamel tank for added protection.  An anode is not required in a stainless steel tank.

Never run out of hot water

A solar control unit ensures water circulates between the solar collectors on the roof and the storage tank against a wall or in your home.   Water heated by the sun is transferred from the collectors to the tank.  If there is insufficient heat available from the sun, then an electric element or gas booster mounted on the side of the tank or on a wall boosts the temperature of the water.  This ensures you never run out of hot water.

Advantages of Split Systems

  • You can have the storage tank immediately and the solar collectors installed later
  • Solar collectors achieve maximum efficiency using aluminium fin solar absorbers
  • Only the solar collectors are visible on your roof
  • The tank is carbon steel lined with vitreous enamel
  • A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection
  • A tall tank, elegantly streamlined for indoor or outside installation
  • No need for roof reinforcement because the tank is at ground level.
  • High efficiency flat plate collectors with frost protection down to -6°C
  • High performance resulting in high Small Scale Certificates awarded

High Energy Efficiency Rating = More STCs

The higher the energy efficiency of a solar hot water system the more smallscale technology certificates it gets. The STCs are a tradeable commodity that equates to money. So energy efficiency is very important.

Gas or Electricity Boosted

Split systems are available in electric and gas boosted. Gas is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate but not always possible to install due to regulations and gas supply. For advice Contact Us.

Rinnai Flat Plate System

 Flate plate solar hot water

Solarpro’s Commitment

  • We use quality copper pipes
  • 13mm wall pipe lagging reduces heat loss
  • Pipe work hidden in discreet pipe ducts/wall’s cavity
  • UV proof solar pipe lagging on exposed pipes on roof
  • Labour as well as products is guaranteed

Solarpro’s Credentials

  • Solarpro’s owner, David Veal is  a specialist solar plumber by trade
  • Repeat contracts for local government
  • Commercial as well as residential installations
  • Certified eco-plumber
  • Solarpro was independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and made a preferred supplier of the ClimateClever Shop for hot water systems