Solar pool heating & electricity

DualSun Solar Power & Pool Heating

An innovative solar panel that combines the generation of solar electricity with heated water for your pool is winning Australian environmental awards and producing energy savings of up to $66,000+ over the course of 20 years.  Call Solarpro for more information.

How the DualSun Solar Panel saves Money and the Environment

Solar power panels are most efficient when they are kept cool.  The DualSun panel allows cold water to pass over the solar panel to keep it cool.  Then returns that heated water to the swimming pool using the same principle as all pool heating systems.  The difference with this hybrid panel is that the solar power (electricity) it produces can then be used to run your pool equipment bringing the ‘energy’ cost of the pool to zero and accumulating large savings for you compared to some other pool heating options.   An additional benefit is that the solar power you don’t use on your pool pump etc., can help power your home appliances – even more savings.  This makes it the responsible environmental choice while providing an excellent return on investment.

Australian Award Winning

In June 2018, the DualSun solar panel won two awards for energy savings at the SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association)  Awards for Excellence.  The Gold Award for Sustainable Product of the Year in South Australia and the Silver Award in NSW.