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Customer Reviews

I’d like to take the opportunity to say how excellent everyone at SolarPro has been in communicating with me and making our installation as smooth as it could possibly be. This started with Richard’s prompt visit to quote and his thorough explanations of things would work, through to Alan visiting to check our power connection and his management of the installation.

The installation team and Julie in your office were extremely understanding of me having twins babies at home and I really appreciated how considerate they were.

On the installation day, Alan kept me across everything and again, was wonderful with making sure my two babies weren’t disturbed. He waited for me to finish feeding them so he could give me a proper explanation of how everything worked. The team did a fantastic clean up of the site too.

I will put all of this into an online review but just wanted to say how great an experience this was. And of course, it’s absolutely fantastic to be using solar power and even feeding some back into the grid! We’re obsessed with checking the app to see what’s happening every time we switch something on.

Natalie, October 2019
Thanks so much for your service. I received one quote from someone who did their work online and it was much cheaper than the one I’d received from a ‘doorknocker’. However, the most important and valuable service was from Gavin at SolarPro who rang me for a conversation. He advised me, after lots of questions and reviewing lots of photos of our roof in different months, that we had too much shade and would be disappointed with our return from an investment in solar. We’d had the same advice a few years ago, but had hoped new technologies would improve the situation. Gavin’s investment of time when he was doing himself out of a job, and his helpfulness in answering all my questions were much appreciated.
Cathy Jones, September 2019
Solarpro recently installed a 5.52kW SolarEdge optimised system with LG345 panels and LG Chem RESU 10H battery at our place in Neutral Bay Sydney. The initial scoping/explanation and quoting with Richard Lock was first class. The installation and commissioning with Alan and his team was highly professional with quality workmanship. In addition they overcome a few site challenges without any complaints. And finally all the background work and follow up by the ops and admin team at the office (Narelle, , Lisbet and Phoebe) was always friendly, professional and they all did what they said they would do. It is rare to get a business with a lot of moving parts all working seamlessly and always professionally and delivering a first class product. I am very pleased with the process and the end product so thank you to everyone at Solarpro.
Michael O’Sullivan, Neutral Bay  August 2019

The proposal from Peter at Solarpro was the most detailed of the three quotes I received and dealt with aspects that the other two companies did not mention. Peter studied our location carefully and took a large number of photos. He also listened to what I wanted to achieve and why – and this included locating some of the panels in a more effective location where it was more difficult to install them. The installation, led by Lee, also went very well. It was punctual and completed on the scheduled day. Lee was also very pleasant to deal with and very accommodating. The other workmen were also pleasant and left the property clean and tidy. On the basis of this work I am very happy to recommend Solarpro.

Larry, August 2019

One year has passed since you installed inverters (2 x SolarEdge), solar panels (11 kW) and batteries (2 x LG RESU10) to two phases of my three-phase power supply. I am sending you this note to thank you for the successful effort that you made last year to improve on the initial configuration that you installed. During the last year, I have read many media reports of fly-by-night installers that have taken no ongoing responsibility for their systems. My system is living proof that you and your company are among the few that care for your reputation and make the effort to do your best to optimise the systems you install. I have looked at my electricity production graphs for the day 30/03/2018 and the day one year later 31/03/2019 (see attached pictures). Both days were days of full sunshine, the batteries began and finished at similar discharges. The household consumptions were low, but similar, on both days. The 30/03/2018 power production (before optimising the system in April 2018) was about 50 kWh. You optimised the system in April 2018 by changing the string arrangement and some panel repositioning. The one-year anniversary (31/03/2019) power production was 60 kWh, an improvement of 20% on the initial 50 kWh. This increase of 10 kWh for a single day is much more than the 12% improvement that we had anticipated. These results have been repeated on other days in March for both 2018 and 2019, however the two days mentioned are the most valid for comparison and display the importance of sufficient string length of panels in the same orientation. I have also been particularly impressed with the SolarEdge/LG RESU10 system software that was part of the install. Many of my friends who installed batteries have required both an inverter app and a battery app to track power generation, storage and consumption. Your supplied system has been much more integrated, has only required the one app and is so easy to use. Best of all has been the SolarEdge/LG RESU10 capability to export power out of my solar panel and battery supported Phase 1 and Phase 2 to offset the power consumption from Phase 3 of my house. This has enabled me to run my air-conditioning and pool heating on Phase 3 as if they were on a phase containing batteries and solar panels (my Phase 3 is not a battery or solar panel supported phase). The third picture shows blue-coloured solar power (daytime) and purple-coloured battery power (evening) being pulled out of Phases 1 and 2 to cover for consumption of power from Phase 3. Once again, thank you for your excellent products and service.

Malcolm Binns, April 2019

The process was very easy from organising the quote to installation. We have been monitoring the solar with our solaredge system and are very happy with the overall installation.

Verity Barritt, March 2019

Done and live in half a day….working as advertised and the integrated app to monitor performance is really great. Work on site was done cleanly and the guys arrived on time. Very happy with Solarpro’s service.

James Roberts, February 2019

Solar Pro were great, they got me a Tesla Power Wall very quickly, did a professional job and provided great customer service. The system they designed and installed has lead to a 97% reduction in my off the grid power consumption.

Martin Hungerford, January 2019

The system is just over a year old. A couple of minor installation issues resolved rapidly and my queries re performance answered very professionally and quickly. In the period 25 October 2018 to 25 January 2019 our bill (Origin) for our all electric (no gas) home without solar would have been $850. With solar $403. A significant saving which included $154 of feed in tariff. We use lots of air conditioning, run a pool pump for 8 hours a day and do not skimp on the washing machine or dishwasher. An absolutely brilliant result for the summer. We expect lesser but similar results through the rest of the year. Well done Solapro.

Dennis, March 2019

I was confident that SolarPro were professional and genuine – cost me a bit more for same system as quoted by another but had better feel about this team who made me feel confident of my decision and well informed. They were always willing to answer my detailed questions before I committed. Whole process was very efficient from quoting, install, accounts and dealing with energy company’s.

Ian, March 2019

These guys installed my original solar system 8 years ago. I recently expanded my system and installed a battery. Couldn’t be happier with the professionalism of the company and the performance of the systems that they have installed for me.

Alan Smith, November 2018

Just wanting to say the pool heating is a real hit with my daughter. She is having an awesome time in there with her friends! Great bonus points for coming over to dad’s place!! Thank you.

I’ll also take this opportunity to say you have an awesome team working for you. All the people I’ve interacted with over my various projects have been extremely polite and professional. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you guys.

Rene, October 2018

This was the only provider which came to the site rather than quoting on the basis of satellite maps. The salesperson was specifically qualified and knowledgeable in the field rather than a average salesperson.

Darrell, October 2018

Very knowledgeable team, fast service, good communications and an amazing system design and install! Would (and have) recommend Solarpro to anyone looking for a well designed and installed top quality system.

Jason, October 2018

Not only were Solapro very well priced, they installed our solar pool heating quickly , efficiently and neatly. Two years down the track when there was a small pipe issue (that was not their fault), they came and fixed the issue within days of being alerted to the problem saying it was still under their warranty and not to worry. Prompt and excellent service, it is nice to see small business take such pride in their work, and I can highly recommend them.

de Klerk Jewellers, August 2018

Really great service. I suspect there are a lot of cowboy outfits in this booming solar sector. This ain’t one of them. This is a reputable, terrific company, from quoting phase with Richard, some design changes with David, installation by Colin, through to the support staff in the office, all excellent.  I was referred to Solarpro by a satisfied customer and am very happy to do the same.

Glen Boreham, July 2018

Solarpro installed our solar system last week. We are very very happy. Everything is working so well. Thanks  a lot for the great service

Everything is perfect. I am sure we come back to Solarpro next year, when we plan to upgrade our system with a battery.

Hubert, July 2018

Once we have some feedback about the system over time we will be going back to them for a battery. The system has exceeded my expectations, couldn’t be happier.

Carole, June 2018

Chose Solarpro as they supplied a good quality system and explained everything face to face on site.
Installation went very well, and they kept me updated as the process was underway.

Mark, June 2018

SolarPro invested time in me to make sure I was making the right decision in my circumstances. The salesman came to my property and spent a lot of time with me, answered all of my questions and gave me a few different options to suit my needs. The installation was very professional and of high quality, I would highly recommend SolarPro to others looking to buy solar.

Richard, June 2018

The SolarPro team did an outstanding job, from the initial quote process through to the install. I used SolarQuotes to get some “recommended” providers, one didn’t bother showing up, one emailed some random quotes and SolarPro showed what professional organisations do. They initiated the contact very soon after I kicked off the SolarQuotes process, organised a site visit, walked me through the technology, answered my questions and gave me several options and price points. Once I accepted a quote the install team came along about 10 days later. The install team were very neat, cabling was done in the wall cavities with minimal external cabling, the team stayed late on site to finish the installation due to some wet weather slowing them down and they even cleaned up the site and took away all the rubbish. The head office people had set up my accounts for accessing the online monitoring while the install was happening, it was actually coordinated. A very good experience overall. Thanks to the SolarPro team.

Phil, Feb 2018

Having previously received a number of remote quotes for an installation on a ‘difficult’ multi-facetted roof, I was impressed when the guy from Solarpro visited and spent well over an hour checking out the roof and going through the system and options in detail before submitting a quote. Whilst it was not the lowest quote, it was the most credible. The 15 panel 5kWp installation was undertaken efficiently, as arranged and everything was cleared up afterwards. Although a second visit was necessary to get it activated it was up and running within a week. Since then it’s been producing between 20 and 32kWh per day most days, with a low of 7kWh on a completely overcast wet day. So far it’s exceeded expectations, providing 64% of our electricity, with 46% of the production exported to the grid.

Graham, December 2017

David the owner was great to deal with, he spent more than enough time answering all my questions over the phone. Once I made my decision he was able to track down the out of stock item and get the installation done within a week. The installation ended up taking longer than expected but he had his guy there the next day to finish. They ended up finding a problem before I even knew there was and arranged his guy back first thing the next working day. The solar industry is full of salespeople looking for their next paycheck. When making such a large investment you need a business you can trust. Highly recommended.

Jason Bates-Brownsword, October 2017

I already had a solar panel installation but wanted to upgrade when the solar bonus cut out at 31/12/16. I selected SOLARPRO at Manly Vale after some fairly extensive research. Peter, their sales rep, was on the ball and offered me 3 alternative systems, all of which included my current panels as they were still in excellent condition after 10 years of service. The admin staff booked me in for installation in a very tight schedule as I was going overseas. Luke their installation electrician, was meticulous in his work and his attention to detail was impressive. Each day the team swept my yard and removed the smallest bits of rubbish – something that a lot of tradespeople don’t do! After sales support was also impressive as the company came back and fixed a problem caused by an Energy Australia installer some 2 months later. I would have no hesitation in recommending SOLARPRO to any prospective customer for their solar needs.

John Douglas, August 2017

This is the third time I have dealt with David and the team from SolarPro. They know their stuff, are easy to deal with, and are not afraid to advise me on the best approach even if it means less revenue to them. Over the years I have dealt with them for:
– Solar hot water (2007)
– Solar panels – 2kW (2010)
– Solar panel upgrade additional 6kW plus LG battery (2017)
In each case they have given great value for money and a range of possible solutions for me to choose from. Plus I can report their after sales and warranty service on the occasions I have needed it has been very good.

Phil, August 2017

We chose Solarpro because Peter took the time to inspect and come up with some great solutions, and was always available to answer my queries, and only offered good quality product.

Greg Page, May 2017

David is simply outstanding, from quote to install and the after sales service he was brilliant. His knowledge of the bleeding technology around solar is second to none. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Peter Wilson, May 2017

Solarpro customer testimonial

Because of Solarpro’s high-quality service I asked them to upgrade my system to include a battery and Reposit.

Graham Cavanagh Downs, November 2016