Close Coupled Solar Hot Water

Close coupled solar hot water system

Advantages of Close Coupled Systems

The advantage of the close coupled system is that it has no pump to circulate water to the roof. The water heats by convection circulating throughout the system using the heat rises theory. This makes it super-efficient.

Our Product Choice

The Rinnai Equinox Close Coupled Stainless Steel tank with the Excelsior panels. Rinnai have two different panels available for two budgets. The Enduro panel is a high quality cost effective panel that is light weight and very efficient. The Excelsior panel is their top of the line panel. It features mitered anodized aluminium corners, a full aluminium backing plate and glass that can be replaced if broken. Very high energy performance results in more STCs which are tradeable as a financial rebate.  The tank comes in a range of colors, designed to blend with any roof.

Features and Benefits

  • Very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance
  • Solar collectors achieve maximum efficiency using aluminium fin solar absorbers
  • Available in 200 or 330 litre storage capacity
  • Gas or electric booster options
  • Lower heat loss achieved through insulation
  • Added protection in the tank from a sacrificial anode
  • Electrical pumps are not required to recirculate water through collectors
  • Frost tolerant version available down to -6° C
  • Stress on the tank is reduced by preventing very hot water storage
  • No need to accommodate a ground mounted tank

High Energy Efficiency Rating = More STCs

The higher the energy efficiency of a solar hot water system the more smallscale technology certificates it gets. The STCs are a tradeable commodity that equates to money. So energy efficiency is very important.

Replacing Ground Level Tanks

When retro fitting we usually only recommend installing the close coupled systems if it is replacing an old solar system or an in-roof gravity fed heater or in some cases where there is existing hot pipework in the roof. We believe changing the dynamics of the water flow and supply to the house can be detrimental. Installing a closed coupled system on a roof which is replacing a tank on the ground usually means drawing water from the ground to the roof and back again wasting hundreds of litres a year not to mention the extra time you will spend waiting at the tap for the hot water to finally arrive. This is really felt in the kitchen where the tap is constantly being used. There is 0.5ltr of water for every 6 metres of 15mm pipe.

There are other types of solar hot water systems which work very well as replacements where the hot water tank is on ground level. Take a look at flat plate and evacuated tube hot water systems.

Rinnai Close Coupled Gas Boosted

Close Coupled Solar Hot Water system


Solarpro’s Commitment

  • We use quality copper pipes
  • 13mm wall pipe lagging reduces heat loss
  • Pipe work hidden in discreet pipe ducts/wall’s cavity
  • UV proof solar pipe lagging on exposed pipes on roof
  • Labour as well as products is guaranteed

Solarpro’s Credentials

  • Solarpro’s owner, David Veal is  a specialist solar plumber by trade
  • Repeat contracts for local governments
  • Commercial as well as residential installations
  • Certified eco-plumber
  • Solarpro was independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and made a preferred supplier of the ClimateClever Shop for hot water systems