Solar hot water from electric tanks

Cheap Solar Hot Water

If you have a SolarEdge power system you can install a device that will use excess solar power to heat your hot water at a quarter of the price of a solar hot water system.  The device effectively turns any standard electric hot water tank into a solar tank.

“The great news is cheap solar hot water is back. We just do it a little differently now. With a correctly sized solar power system there will always be excess energy that will be exported to the grid for a pittance. With a SolarEdge hot water immersion device installed, you can now divert that excess energy from the solar system directly to your hot water tank.” Said David Veal, Managing Director of Solarpro.

Solarpro began as a solar hot water company back in 2009. We have installed nearly every brand and type of solar hot water system available. However, the reduction in government rebates put solar hot water financially out of reach for many people.

Immersion device

The immersion device effectively turns any standard electric hot water tank into a solar tank. The stored heated body of water is really another form of battery that is storing energy from the sun. This will be the cheapest home battery you will ever install! Automatically and wirelessly controlled by the SolarEdge inverter the immersion device fits into the system with or without a home battery.

Fitting additional devices

Devices can be fitted that can turn on other appliances around the home when there is excess solar power, like the pool pump or clothes dryer for example. These devices retail for $90.00.

The order in which the devices are turned on is controlled by you and the SolarEdge app on your phone or monitoring portal.