Ultimate Pool Heating Northern Beaches

Power your pool heat pump from your solar PV system and add a pool blanket for the ultimate energy efficient pool heating solution – all year.  With the correctly sized system an EvoHeat pump can heat your pool for $1.60/day or let Solarpro show you how to run it on free solar energy.

As the only Northern Beaches specialist solar power and solar pool heating company, Solarpro is able to look at your total energy requirements and design a system that will dramatically reduce your costs.  Whether it is innovative Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels or powering an EvoHeat pump using your own solar power, we will find the best solution for your needs and budget.

  1. EvoHeat is an Australian-owned specialist heat pump manufacturer.  Their heat pumps are up to 600% more energy efficient than traditional methods of heating, leading to exceptionally large long-term savings.  EvoHeat specialises only in manufacturing the best and most innovative heat pumps.  If you want resort temperatures all year, complete control of the financial and environmental costs, we can’t find a better way than powering this heat pump from a solar power system.
  2. If you prefer to have solar pool heating then do it with Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels.  Australian owned, innovative, energy efficient solar pool heating system.  The compact enclosed panels give you 40% more roof space for your other solar needs than if you went for strip matting or open rigid panels..  Designed so your pool is warm early in the season and stays that way heading into winter. The solar collectors are enclosed in a compact panel which protects them from heat loss from wind and makes them highly energy efficient.  Cockatoos can’t get at them either.


Australian Solar Pool Heating

Two great Australian designs to heat your pool without high cost to you or the environment.  Use a solar PV system to run an environmentally friendly heat pump whenever you want; or install enclosed solar pool heating panels.  Either way we can design a cost effective system to suit your needs and budget:

Solar Run Pool Heat Pump

With the correctly sized Australian-owned EvoHeat pool heater it is possible to heat your pool whenever you want for around $1.60/day. EvoHeat pool heat pumps are about six times more energy-efficient than similar pumps. Solarpro can combine an EvoHeat pump with a solar power system so you can run your heat pump on free solar energy whenever you choose. Resort style swimming free! You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions.

Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels

If you prefer to keep your solar power for other needs, then we can install an innovative Australian solar pool heating system and leave 40% more roof space for your other solar needs.  Designed so your pool is warm early in the season and stays that way heading into winter. The solar collectors are enclosed in a compact panel which protects them from heat loss from wind and makes them highly energy efficient.  They are also protected from cockatoos.  With the correctly sized system and used with a pool blanket our customers are more than doubling their swim time.

Smart Solar Pool Heating

It’s time to get smart about pool heating costs. Solar is now an option for heat pumps as well as solar pool heating systems. Of non-solar systems, electric powered heat pumps have long been a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way to control your pool temperature year round.
Solar pool heating systems have been limited by how much of the year they can heat the pool. Largely due to exposure to the elements, particularly wind. Innovative technology has brought about three changes. All designed to put you in control, get your costs down and be kind to our environment:
  • Now we can set-up a Solar Power System to Provide Free Electricity to your Heat Pump when you want it all year; or
  • Install Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels to stop the wind chill effect and get you in the pool early in the season and stay later; and
  • We have the DualSun hybrid solar panel which generates solar power for running pool pumps etc., and heats your pool from the same panel.
Finally, we have an innovative version of the old solar strip matting – Open Solar Pool Heating Panels. Call us to discuss your best options; we seek to meet all needs and budgets.  Solarpro has an advantage in being both a Solar Power & Batteries installer as well as Solar Pool Heating.  Our experts are happy to advise you or we can provide a quick quote of the systems you are interested in.

Solar Pool Heating Panels – Ground Mounted

You are looking at the largest privately owned ground mounted solar pool heating system in Australia.  The system has the potential to pump out a whopping 57 kilowatts of energy, all free from the sun!  The compact, enclosed SolarTherm pool heating panels make it possible to put them virtually anywhere, including on the ground.  This saves roof space which is becoming increasingly valuable for the installation of solar power systems.

People are increasing the size of their solar power (PV) systems because they are able to store their solar power in batteries for their own use rather than sending to the grid and to power their electric vehicles.  This decreases the amount of roof space available for traditional solar pool heating systems.

The SolarTherm panels are one of the answers to being able to benefit from solar pool heating as well as solar power.  There are two other innovative ways that Solarpro offers:

  1.  Purchase an EcoHeat electric heat pump and power it from your existing or new solar power system.  This will significantly reduce your costs.  We also have the technology to ensure your heat pump is powered only by solar rather than any grid electricity which brings your costs to nothing.
  2. The DualSun hybrid panel produces both heated pool water and solar power to run pool equipment and potentially domestic appliances with the correctly sized system.

Don’t hesitate to call to discuss how solar power can reduce your pool heating and running costs.

Solar Powered Heat Pumps

Did you know that a swimming pool heat pump can very efficiently heat your swimming pool with free energy from your solar system. When combined with the correctly sized solar PV energy system the running costs can be significantly reduced. In fact, we can add a device to one of our solar systems which will guarantee the heat pump uses solar energy instead of grid energy.

Running an affordable EcoHeat pool heat pump with free solar power is the cheapest way to swim in a heated pool whenever you want to year round.

A heat pump can convert 1kW of solar electricity into 15kW of energy. No solar pool heating system on the roof means more room for the car charging and battery charging solar panels in the future!!

For a information or a quote Contact Us.

Run your heated pool free with solar

The DualSun panel simultaneously produces solar electricity to run your swimming pool and heats the pool water for longer, more enjoyable swimming.   As a ‘zero energy’ panel it doesn’t cost the environment or you run your pool. The electricity generated by the high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells covers all the electricity needs of your swimming pool. The surplus electricity can be used for a heat pump if required, domestic appliances or returned to the grid. The internal heat exchanger allows direct connection to your pool’s water circuit. As your pool water flows through the heat exchanger, the water is heated whilst simultaneously cooling the panel, increasing the efficiency of the PV electrical generation.

Heated water for your pool
A heat exchanger is integrated into the panel on the underside of the photovoltaic (PV) surface.  As your pool water circulates through, it absorbs the surplus energy created by the sunlight and photovoltaic effect. As a result, the water is heated and returned to the pool whilst simultaneously cooling the panel.  Keeping a solar panel cool increases its energy efficiency and keeps electrical  generation at peak performance.

The conversion of light into electricity is known as the photovoltaic effect. Solar panels convert energy from sunlight into direct current (DC) electrical energy, which is then changed into alternating current (AC) for your home’s electrical consumption. Excess energy can be fed into a battery storage system for later use, or returned to the grid.

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Free power for pool heat pumps

Solarpro has the technology to install a solar system that will run your heat pump on free solar power. We have looked at many pool heating solutions and think this is one of the best economic, environmental and life-style options you can choose to heat a pool.

We can combine a pool heat pump with a new or existing solar power system to eliminate your running costs. Swim free in a resort temperature pool whenever you choose and gain flexibility. You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions. Heat pumps are inexpensive and guarantee heat when you want it with virtually no maintenance.

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps operate on a similar principal to a reverse cycle air conditioner or refrigerator.  Refrigerant gas extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water. For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, a standard on/off heat pump will collect up to 6 kW of heat from the atmosphere. The heat pump will continue to heat the pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees.

Solarpro offers two types of on/off heat pumps that can be powered by your solar panels and an inverter heat pump option.  All have rust proof outer casings to protect from salty air and are warrantied.

To discuss your pool heating options or to get a quick quote Contact Us.

Types of solar pool heating

Innovative solar pool heating panels can remove your pool heating costs and in some cases also the cost of powering your pool equipment e.g., the pump.  Amongst the range of solar pool heating systems we include a solar powered heat pump.  As one of a very few solar companies specialising in both solar pool heating and solar power & battery systems, we are able to assess your energy needs as a whole and save you the maximum money possible.

Solar pool heating panels

There are three different types of solar panels designed for heating pools. The DualSun heated pool water & electricity producing hybrid; enclosed pool heating panels and open pool heating panels.

The DualSun hybrid panel

The DualSun hybrid solar panel produces solar power to run your pool pump and other electrical equipment at the same time as heating your pool water.  A correctly sized system delivers a solar heated pool with zero running costs.  Like a lot of innovative products it is based on a simple concept.  Solar (PV) power panels require light to produce power but they don’t like heat.  They perform better when kept cool.  The DualSun panel uses water to cool the panel and then sends the now heated water back to the pool.  The solar power generated by the panel can be used to run the pump or other electrical items including domestic appliances if you have power left over.

Enclosed solar pool heating panels

Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels completely eliminate wind cooling.  You will be able to get in your pool early in the season and swim later.  The solar collectors are encased in high density polyethylene and the system ‘heat banks’.  A precise temperature is taken from the solar collector rather than the roof surface which ensures the pump only operates when it is needed – reducing your running costs and saving money.  These enclosed panels are compact enough to install on cabanas or pump houses.  We often install them in combination with a solar power system to bring your electricity costs to as near as zero as we can.  A solar power system and enclosed solar pool heating panels can fit comfortably on most roofs, particularly if they are replacing a strip matting system.

Open rigid solar pool heating panels

Essentially a modern, neater and rigid version of the old strip matting rubber tubes.  The Rhino Black open panel has rigid solar collectors in modular designs of various sizes. They are open to the wind but their design reduces the cooling effect and protects from cockatoo damage.  They are produced by Australian manufacturer Boss Solar and are a less expensive option to extend your swimming season.

Solar powered heat pumps

Solarpro’s advantage as an installer of solar energy systems means we can combine a pool heat pump with a new or existing solar power system to eliminate your running costs. You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions. Heat pumps are inexpensive and guarantee heat when you want it with virtually no maintenance.

Pump less and heat more

Regardless of the solar pool heating panel you choose, we precisely adjust the rate water flows through the solar collectors to maximise heat and stop unnecessary pumping.  We do this with a Flow Rate Metre.  Some solar pool heating panel installers don’t do this.  Having a correct flow rate will save you money and we recommend ensuring your installer does this.

Making the right choice

Our solar pool heating experts will be able to quickly assess the most cost effective option for your circumstances and advise on your choices.  They will look at how your pool fits with your other energy needs and ensure you are getting the maximum savings possible.  Contact us.

Swim Early Spring – Solar Pool Heating Panels

Maximum Heat Retention

Get ready for an early Spring swim with Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels.  Specifically designed to get you in your pool sooner and let you stay in it longer.  By enclosing the heat absorbers under a polycarbonate cover the cooling effect of the wind is eliminated.  Even a light breeze will lower the temperature of exposed heat systems.  These panels retain the maximum possible heat.  They work on the heat banking principle like being in a black car with the windows up on a hot day.

Maximum Energy Efficiency – Save Money

Thermostat temperatures are taken from the collector enclosed in the casing not the roof surface. If the temperature is less than 5 degrees the pump will stop to let the collector bank up heat again. Most systems measure roof temperature and will pump all day because the roof is just warm.  This older technology was fine when electricity prices were around 10 cents/kilowatt.  Today prices are over 50 cents and rising!

Solarpro commissions every installation with an ultrasonic flow meter.  This ensures the flow rate is perfect enabling your system to run at its highest possible efficiency.  You save money by not wasting electricity with needless pumping.

Compact Size Uses Less Roof Space

An open strip matting system requires 100% of the pool surface area to be replicated on your roof.  The enclosed panels measure 225cm x 115cm and only have to replicate 60% of the pool surface area.  We have installed them on everything from cabanas, pump houses and sheds to very beautiful gabled roofs where aesthetics were very important and panels were placed on multiple roof aspects.  If roof space is tight we can also ground mount the panels.

No Holes in Your Roof & Better Aesthetics

Unlike most other pool heating panels, the enclosed solar pool heating panels do not require any holes to be drilled in your roof.   The protective casing stops unsightly damage that can be caused by cockatoos and eliminates the build-up of folliage between the collectors.

We have other solar pool heating products available to suit all needs and budgets, including heat pumps that can be powered by solar and the DualSun hybrid solar pool heating and electricity panel.  Give us a call to discuss your needs or Email Us for a free quote.


DualSun Solar Power & Pool Heating

An innovative solar panel that combines the generation of solar electricity with heated water for your pool is winning Australian environmental awards and producing energy savings of up to $66,000+ over the course of 20 years.  Call Solarpro for more information.

How the DualSun Solar Panel saves Money and the Environment

Solar power panels are most efficient when they are kept cool.  The DualSun panel allows cold water to pass over the solar panel to keep it cool.  Then returns that heated water to the swimming pool using the same principle as all pool heating systems.  The difference with this hybrid panel is that the solar power (electricity) it produces can then be used to run your pool equipment bringing the ‘energy’ cost of the pool to zero and accumulating large savings for you compared to some other pool heating options.   An additional benefit is that the solar power you don’t use on your pool pump etc., can help power your home appliances – even more savings.  This makes it the responsible environmental choice while providing an excellent return on investment.

Australian Award Winning

In June 2018, the DualSun solar panel won two awards for energy savings at the SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association)  Awards for Excellence.  The Gold Award for Sustainable Product of the Year in South Australia and the Silver Award in NSW.