SolarEdge Smart Solar Panels

SolarEdge has recently introduced its 300W Smart Solar Panel to the Australian market. Proving very popular the panel is high quality and inexpensive.  It produces more power than other panels by reducing losses caused by partial shade, voltage miss-match and panel age.

By embedding an optimiser in each panel in place of the standard junction box, the panel operates at its maximum possible level at all times.  The panels achieve 99.5% peak efficiency.  Combined with the 99% efficiency rated SolarEdge HD Wave inverter it makes for a very powerful system.

Solarpro designers are experts on SolarEdge systems having been installing them since they first entered the Australian market.  Let us create a system to suit your needs and budget.

Solar Power & Batteries Northern Beaches Showroom

Local Solar & Battery Showroom – Now Open!  Largest range of Smart Solar Systems and Solar Battery Storage.  See the solar panels and batteries you are considering installing. Try out the SolarEdge monitoring system that lets you view your panel performance individually and get a real feel for your solar power generation and consumption.

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Don’t Be Out of Power Again!

Were you one of the 31,000 homes inconvenienced by the major power outage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Tuesday afternoon? Were you in the dark like everyone else for the evening? Would you like to be one of the few who weren’t?

If you have a solar PV system you are halfway to being ahead of the game when it comes to blackouts! Add a battery on to any existing solar system and with a back-up you can keep your lights on when everyone else in the street is in the dark.

If you are yet to install a solar PV system there are incentives currently on offer and Solarpro can provide you with a competitive quote to supply and install a new system.

Solarpro’s Showroom in Allambie Heights

At Solarpro we have the largest range of batteries in Sydney and we’re installing them every week in households like yours.

We also have an extensive Showroom where you can come in and talk to our extremely knowledgeable representatives about a solar PV system and/or battery option that will be tailor suited to your needs.

We are partners with the biggest brands in the battery industry including Tesla, sonnen, Varta, and LG.

24 Hour Sun Power

Use solar power when there is no sunlight. Storing solar power enables you to use your own solar generated electricity whether there is sunlight or not and where needed, purchase grid electricity at an off peak rate to use when power is more expensive. We have options to suit different needs and budgets, including sonnenBatterie which gives an option to cap electricity costs through sonnenFlat.
All Solarpro batteries are Virtual Power Plant ready and approved under the Clean Energy Council Battery Assurance programme for safety and performance.

High Power Generation Solar Panels

Want to generate a large amount of solar power from a small amount of panels?

LG NeON 2 335W and LG NeON R 360W are a similar physical size to many conventional 260W to 275W panels. You are getting respectively around 22% and 40% more electricity per square metre than the same size lower watt panel. With LG you also get a 25yr product warranty on the panels which is 15 years longer than the industry standard. Some people choose the LG panels to ensure they get maximum power even though they have a large amount of roof space available. They have done the maths and while the initial outlay is more, in terms of power bill savings, they have decided it’s worth it.

Solar panels for small roof spaces

For others, with small or difficult roof aspects these panels have made the difference between getting solar and not. When you use them with a SolarEdge inverter you are pretty much at optimum energy efficiency.  A SolarEdge system can generate up to 25% more solar power than a traditional string inverter.  It is particularly beneficial where it is only possible to fit a small amount of panels on different roof aspects.  The SolarEdge system makes it possible to split solar arrays between more than two roof aspects and ensures each panel delivers its maximum power irrespective of whether other panels in the solar array aren’t.

Innovation and Custom System Design

Of course, for home owners or businesses with a lot of roof space available the REC 275W solar panels are good quality and value for money. Let us design a system that suits your needs, roof and budget. We have been specialising in innovative, custom system design for 10 years.

How Solar Storage Batteries Make Money

Start thinking about making real money from solar – remember the benefits from high feed-in tariffs?! Solar storage batteries do much more than keep the lights on at night.  Used smartly as part of a ‘Home Energy System’  (Solar Panels, Battery and Appliances all working together) they can not only reduce your electricity bills but be a powerful addition to our electricity grid.

Yes, you save money by charging the battery during daylight and discharging later in the day – using more of your own energy and load-shifting. Your ‘Home Energy System’ or ‘Mini Power Station’ can do a lot more.

Making Money Using Solar Storage Battery Systems

We are often asked if home and small business generators of solar power will ever make money from it as was possible with high feed-in tariffs.  The answer is yes.  The amount of money is uncertain, but there are opportunities opening up and there could be more. Virtual (renewable energy) Power Plants already exist and are increasing.  Here are some things to consider:

Sell Home Solar Power to Energy Companies

The wholesale price of electricity goes up when demand is high.  This often happens within seconds and is called spiking. To remain profitable many of our power stations only run when prices ‘spike’.  It’s happening within seconds and the money involved is high. They need power sources that are fast to start-up.  Well set-up home solar/battery systems can switch to ‘export mode’ quicker than gas, diesel and hydro.  Progressive energy companies are already buying solar from people with solar storage systems rather than just from power stations.  This is only going to increase and become more competitive in prices that are offered.

Be Paid to Reduce Consumption at Peak Times

Companies that manufacture and maintain Electricity Poles and Wires have to ensure they don’t overload and melt during peak electricity generation times.  This is very costly for them and they have begun to offer money to customers who reduce consumption at peak times.  This is precisely what solar storage batteries can do and is another revenue source for people with solar and battery systems.  A smart home solar storage system can also push energy back up the electricity wire to keep it cool. This is only the beginning!

Become Part of Australia’s ‘Ancillary Market’

Power stations that are capable of rapidly detecting and correcting frequency deviations between electricity generation and customer use are part of an Ancillary Market.  They are extremely important to our electricity system because if the amount of electricity being pushed into the system is out of balance with the amount of energy consumers take out a ‘black-out’ can occur. These power stations detect and correct in seconds.  A smart solar storage battery system is very, very good at detecting these frequency deviations and responding rapidly.  They could provide a more reliable, balanced grid using renewable energy.


To fully benefit from the possibilities with your solar storage system relies on good optimisation software.  This is where it is important to select the correct storage battery and system size and where Solarpro experts can help.  We do not use the word experts lightly.  We have been through assessment, training and accreditation by the World’s best solar storage battery manufacturers including sonnen and Tesla. Talk to us about installing a smart ‘Home Energy System’ in your home or business.  We have a wide range of options to suit all needs and budgets.  We typically provide Three Quote options.

The home in the photograph is using the very smart, World leading, sonnenBatterie recently installed by Solarpro as part of its Home Energy System.

Solar Reducing Costs for Business

Almost every business in NSW could reduce their costs with solar. We specialise in solar for businesses who lease their premises.

The benefit of solar differs from a return on investment perspective from business to business. Even if you have a good deal with your energy retailer or you are leasing premises, there is likely to be an opportunity to leverage solar power to reduce your power bill. Let us show you how much you could save while making a positive contribution to a shift to renewable energy. We are a small business renting premises ourselves and are currently getting solar panels installed and showing our business park neighbours what they can save.

Over 2 million households have led the way by installing solar to offset their residential power bills and contribute to the generation of clean energy. There are large savings to be had for businesses. Including loans, tax benefits, government and other incentives. We design solar power systems with storage batteries if required.

Solar System Design

Whatever the shape or material your roof is made from you may be able to have a productive solar system. Optimised systems like SolarEdge have enabled greater design options. For example, we can use different roof aspects without reducing the amount of solar power. The same is true for managing shade from chimneys or trees on one or more panel. The ability to run from East to West rather than just placing panels on a North facing roof helps to give a more consistent production of solar power throughout the day, rather than peaking at mid-day when you perhaps don’t need it.

Then there are the solar panels we choose to use e.g., LG NeOn solar panels that produce the same amount of solar energy as their larger counterparts. Meaning either less panels need to be used or we can fit a powerful panel in a position that wouldn’t be big enough for a larger panel with the same solar output.

Finally, there are the fittings that are used. Using top quality fittings and having relationships with manufacturers enable us to find innovative solutions where others may just see problems.

For home or businesses either give us a call or learn more from our web site.

Stylish, high performing black solar panels

Make sure you get high performance as well as good looks with LG NeON® 2 Black solar panels.  Black solar panels can look more stylish than standard solar panels, particularly on dark coloured roofs or where you are completely covering the roof with panels.  LG solar’s black panel range is no exception; with their black cells, black frames and uniform black appearance they provide an aesthetically pleasing and sleek look.  They also pack a performance punch above most other panels, enabling you to get more power per square metre from your roof space.  They have an above average 25 yrs Performance output Warranty and are covered by LG’s industry leading 25 yrs Performance Warranty.

Solarpro is a Platinum LG Energy Specialist.  We have been designing and installing solar arrays with their panels for years.  Let our experts design a stylish solar set-up on your roof.  Contact Us.

More Power per Square Metre

LG NeON® 2 Black’s 320W panels are a similar physical size to many 275W panels. This means up to 16.4% more electricity per square metre with LG NeON® 2 Black. So you can get more power from your roof space with LG panels.

Improved 25 Year Performance Warranty

The initial degradation of cells has been improved from -3% to -2%, in the 1st year and the annual rate of degradation has fallen from -0.7%/year to -0.5%/ year thereafter. This brings the warranted output to 86% after 25 years, compared to 80.2% for many standard panels.

25 Years Product Warranty

The LG product warranty is 15 years longer than the industry standard 10 years and covers 25 years. The Warranty is held by LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand. The warranty includes replacement, labour and transport.