Solar monitoring saves money

Solarpro remotely monitors customers’ panels to ensure they are working at top capacity. We are able to see the individual panels and correct any issues rapidly to save money.  It could be an unexpected event like a possum pulling a cable. It is important to know what is happening with your system.

Monitor Your System

We have been contacted by members of the public who do not have individual panel monitoring and were shocked to discover that their solar systems had not been working at full capacity for long periods of time without them knowing it. This is not as surprising as it sounds because a solar system can continue to function with a panel or even a string of panels not working. It doesn’t produce as much power and you lose money.  If your system doesn”t have a monitoring package that shows you the individual performance of each panel then you have no way of knowing what is going on with your system until you get your bill.  Even then you may not realise there is a problem if the system was connected badly in the first place. Solarpro is happy to advise – give us a call or email.

Getting Solar Connected

Fortunately, holistic systems like SolarEdge and modern technology that can be retrofitted to legacy solar systems enable people to know exactly what’s going on with their solar array at any given time.  Customers who are “solar connected” are seeing the benefits of being connected to the internet and letting others know. If they have Solarcare monitoring services then they also have the peace of mind of knowing that Solarpro will be keeping an eye on things and alert them to any problems so they can be rapidly fixed.