Achieve maximum solar power use

Generating maximum solar power and using as much as possible yourself, protects you from high electricity prices and gives the best value for money from your solar system.

Maximum Solar Power Generation

A SolarEdge optimised inverter with LG solar panels will ensure you get the most power you can out of your solar system.  Unlike other inverters, the SolarEdge system enables every panel to generate the maximum solar power it can making the system produce up to 25% more power than others, irrespective of the solar panels used.

Add LG solar panels and we believe you have a high power winning combination. We use LG solar panels because they not only win award after award for their performance but they also come with a 25 year product and labour warranty.  Other solar panel manufacturers only warrant their panels for around 10 years.  They produce more power than other similar sized panels. LG’s NeOn 2 solar panels at 335W are a similar size to 275W solar panels. We have tested many solar panels over the years.  We believe that a well designed SolarEdge system with LG solar panels will deliver the maximum possible solar energy the system can produce.

Using all Your Solar Power

The limiting aspect of solar energy is that it can only be generated when there is sunlight.  The introduction of affordable solar storage batteries has enabled its use after dark.  If you do not wish to add a battery to your system, there are other options we can advise you on.  Some small changes to when you use appliances can make a big difference.  We can help you turn your home into a ‘Smart Home’ using inexpensive appliance control devices and by using the SolarEdge immersion device you can have solar powered hot water without the expense of  a solar hot water system.

If you want complete control of your power and what you pay for electricity then you should purchase a sonnen battery and apply to join sonnenFlat.  This caps your electricity costs at $30+GST for a 5kW solar power system and you become part of a renewable energy community.  The sonnenBatterie eco is the World’s most popular solar storage battery. If you want large storage capacity then Tesla Powerwall 2 at 13.5kWh is one of the largest on the market and a popular choice.  We can go through your energy needs and find the best solution.  One thing we are certain of is that you get much better value for money by using your own solar power rather than sending excess solar power to the electricity grid.





Cheap Solar Hot Water

If you have a SolarEdge power system you can install a device that will use excess solar power to heat your hot water at a quarter of the price of a solar hot water system.  The device effectively turns any standard electric hot water tank into a solar tank.

“The great news is cheap solar hot water is back. We just do it a little differently now. With a correctly sized solar power system there will always be excess energy that will be exported to the grid for a pittance. With a SolarEdge hot water immersion device installed, you can now divert that excess energy from the solar system directly to your hot water tank.” Said David Veal, Managing Director of Solarpro.

Solarpro began as a solar hot water company back in 2009. We have installed nearly every brand and type of solar hot water system available. However, the reduction in government rebates put solar hot water financially out of reach for many people.

Immersion device

The immersion device effectively turns any standard electric hot water tank into a solar tank. The stored heated body of water is really another form of battery that is storing energy from the sun. This will be the cheapest home battery you will ever install! Automatically and wirelessly controlled by the SolarEdge inverter the immersion device fits into the system with or without a home battery.

Fitting additional devices

Devices can be fitted that can turn on other appliances around the home when there is excess solar power, like the pool pump or clothes dryer for example. These devices retail for $90.00.

The order in which the devices are turned on is controlled by you and the SolarEdge app on your phone or monitoring portal.

Guide to Solar Hot Water Installers & Systems

All you need to know about Solar Hot Water Installers & Systems

Switching to solar hot water can save you a lot of money. A Solar Hot Water System has the potential to reduce water heating costs by up to 80%.  Imagine the electricity savings you could achieve with this fairly inexpensive switch to solar. To get a good deal it is important to make sound choices on the system and installer.   Selecting the right system for you will depend on your household needs, where you want the tank to be and your roof aspects. Information on the different types of system is given below. Your installer should guide you on this. Selecting the right installer is important. Here is a guide and some tips!

How to select a Solar Hot Water Installation company:

  • Ask how much experience they have with solar installations and whether they have plumbing qualifications.
  • Check how long they guarantee their labour for.  It should be a minimum of five years.  With Solarpro it is seven.
  • Does the installer do a service call after five years?
  • A good way to assess the quality of the installer is to ask for information on the fixtures and fittings they use.  This will let you know if the Company cuts corners. As a guide, our answer to the question would be:

“We only use copper piping (no cheap plastic) and 13mm wall pipe lagging to reduce heat loss All pipe work is installed in discreet pipe ducts or in the wall’s cavity, and all exposed pipe work on the roof is fitted in a special UV proof solar pipe lagging. ”

  • Another good guide on the standard of the installer is if they have been re-selected for work, for example, by local government.

Three System Choices:-

Close Coupled Systems

These systems are the ones you see with the tank on the roof.  The advantage of the close coupled system is that it does not need a pump to circulate water to the roof. The water heats by convection circulating throughout the system using the heat rises theory. This makes it super-efficient.

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tube systems are where you see the long tubes that look a bit like pipes without a tank on the roof. They are a well established method of generating hot water from the sun.  Modern solar technology has provided alternatives that in some circustances offer superior performance.  However, evacuated tubes remain popular and there are some excellent high quality, very good value products available.

Split System or Flat Plate

A Split System or Flat Plate system is a modern alternative to evacuated tubes.  A solar control unit ensures water circulates between the solar collectors on the roof and the storage tank against a wall or in your home.   Water heated by the sun is transferred from the collectors to the tank.  If there is insufficient heat available from the sun, then an electric element or gas booster mounted on the side of the tank or on a wall boosts the temperature of the water.  This ensures you never run out of hot water.

Some advantages of Split Systems:-

  • You can have the storage tank immediately and the solar collectors installed later
  • Solar collectors achieve maximum efficiency using aluminium fin solar absorbers
  • Only the solar collectors are visible on your roof
  • The tank is carbon steel lined with vitreous enamel or stainless steel
  • A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection
  • No need for roof reinforcement because the tank is at ground level.
  • High efficiency flat plate collectors with frost protection down to -6°C
  • High performance resulting in high Small Scale Certificates awarded (STCs can be traded for money)

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