SolarEdge Smart Solar Panels

SolarEdge has recently introduced its 300W Smart Solar Panel to the Australian market. Proving very popular the panel is high quality and inexpensive.  It produces more power than other panels by reducing losses caused by partial shade, voltage miss-match and panel age.

By embedding an optimiser in each panel in place of the standard junction box, the panel operates at its maximum possible level at all times.  The panels achieve 99.5% peak efficiency.  Combined with the 99% efficiency rated SolarEdge HD Wave inverter it makes for a very powerful system.

Solarpro designers are experts on SolarEdge systems having been installing them since they first entered the Australian market.  Let us create a system to suit your needs and budget.

Solar Power & Batteries Northern Beaches Showroom

Local Solar & Battery Showroom – Now Open!  Largest range of Smart Solar Systems and Solar Battery Storage.  See the solar panels and batteries you are considering installing. Try out the SolarEdge monitoring system that lets you view your panel performance individually and get a real feel for your solar power generation and consumption.

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Affordable Electric Vehicles & Solar Charging

Fully electric vehicles (EV) are becoming affordable to buy and run free with solar power.  With plans for fast plug-in stations linking major cities within the next 12 months, perhaps it’s time to invest in more solar panels!

The Hyundai Ioniq full battery car is the cheapest on the market at around $45,000 with a range of 230km on one charge.  That’s about the distance from Sydney to Bathurst. Plug-in hybrids and hybrids are available for about a third of the price.

Charging an EV from a wall socket will take 12 hours.  Standard EV chargers significantly reduce this time.  The World’s first Solar EV Charger from SolarEdge does it 2.5 times faster than standard chargers.  For example, based on 5kW/kWh the charge time would be 1 to 1.5 hours for a distance of 50km per day using the SolarEdge EV Charger.  Usually plenty for a daily commute. Plugged into a fast charging station, the likes of which will link Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide within the next 12 months, the Hyundai Ioniq can be charged to 80 per cent range in just over 20 minutes.

The SolarEdge EV Charger

The SolarEdge EV charger is incorporated in a single phase inverter.  Customers can charge their EVs directly from the power of the sun, maximising solar use and further reducing electricity bills. An additional benefit is the ability to charge EVs up to 2.5 times faster than a standard EV charger through an innovative solar boost mode that uses grid and solar charging simultaneously.  A further benefit is integration with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, enabling you to track power use.

Whether you own an EV now or just want to be EV-ready, give us a call to talk about size of solar system.

Key Benefits of EV Charger

  • Combines sun and grid power for charging up to 2.5 times faster than a standard EV charger
  • Reduces workload and costs of installing separately a standalone EV charger and a PV inverter
  • An EV-ready solution, future-proofed for new EV purchase or replacement, and compatible with multiple EV connectors
  • Maximises self-consumption by using excess solar for EV charging
  • Fully integrated with the SolarEdge monitoring platform (monitoring connection is also required for first-time EV charging)
  • Built-in meter enables separate tracking of EV power usage for visibility and control
  • 12-year warranty(1), extendable to 20 or 25 years
  • Demand-Response ready

EV Charger Configuration

For EV charger configuration via the monitoring app, Ethernet or ZigBee® connection is required.
Mobile phone connection may be used.  It requires a SIM card with a 1GB data plan that can be purchased from your mobile phone provider.

EV Charging Comparison

Standard EV Charger
(2.7 kW [email protected])
SolarEdge EV Charger Mode 3 with
Solar Boost Mode

Charging speed depends on PV production
(Maximum 7.4kW [email protected] 230Vac)(2)
Added kilometers per
1 hour of charging (3)
8 to 15 kilometers 35 to 40 kilometers
Charge time for
daily commute (3)
4 to 8 hours 1 to 1.5 hours


1EV charging cable and connector are not included
2 Check your car manual for maximum charge rate
3 Assuming 5 km/kWh and with a European household average driving distance of 50 km per day

Download the EV charging single phase inverter brochure and give us a call to talk about opportunities now and into the future using solar.

Air Conditioners & Solar

Solar storage batteries have reduced the cost to you and the environment of running an air conditioner.  Now, the NSW Government is offering households and businesses between $200 and $1000 off the installation price when they buy a high-efficiency air conditioner through an approved installer.  The offer is for a limited time and full details are available from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.

How solar storage batteries work

When people are working, air conditioners tend to be used most in the evening and at night.  They can use a lot of expensive electricity.  A solar storage battery gives you control over the solar energy you generate.  They enable you to store your power for use after the sun goes down. When you install a solar storage system, the energy flows around your house are controlled by your solar inverter. The job of the inverter is to keep you off the grid. It does this by supplying the house with energy firstly from the solar panels, secondly the battery and finally the grid. It knows where and how much energy is needed because of an energy consumption/export meter we install into your wiring. You can now monitor live data from your solar panels and battery capacity to see if the air conditioner, pool pump or clothes dryer is really costing you. Better still you can now connect appliances to home automation devices that work together with the solar inverter ensuring they won’t switch on unless there is enough excess energy being produced by the solar system. You can even turn your electric hot water tank into a solar PV powered tank that only heats with excess energy from your solar panels.

Designing a solar system

Solarpro has 10 years of solar system design experience.  We cater to different needs and budgets.  Let our design experts work with you to create the perfect system for you.  Choose from sonnen, Powerwall or LG RESU solar batteries.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Sale Now On

Great savings from Solarpro on Tesla Powerwall 2 with Gateway when you buy with a solar system over 5kW.  Offer ends 31 March and must be installed by end April.  Stocks are limited so be quick!

This customer went for a 16kW solar system with the Powerwall to get large electricity savings and independence.  Even with systems just over 5kW once a battery is included you are enabling yourself to use around 90% of your own power.

Should I Buy a Solar Battery Now or Wait?

The cost of waiting is higher than buying a solar storage battery now.  A bold statement perhaps, but if you look at history and analyse the figures it’s true.  The value of an energy storage battery is that it reduces your electricity bill by 90% or more in some cases.  Just do the maths!  Any discount has to be high to be worth waiting for.

It also provides freedom and control in the face of rising prices and on-going issues with our very old electricity grid. You keep your lights on in power cuts; you can sell your excess power back to the grid and in the future you will have the chance to sell your excess solar into virtual power plants and to people who want renewable energy but can’t produce it themselves.

Customers of ours who bought the LG RESU and Tesla Powerwall 1 batteries when they first entered the market are so far ahead in energy savings and control of their own power that they tell us frequently they don’t regret buying when they chose to.

There are several battery options to suit different needs.  Tesla Powerwall 2 is slick looking and has high storage capacity.  We have some special deals going on the Powerwalls & gateways right now.

The sonnenBatterie shown in the photo is also a great choice.  It’s the only battery currently available that was specifically designed for home use.  It has 10 years of reliable history behind it and is able to cycle more times than the other batteries.  This makes it a good option for the future if you are thinking of producing solar to sell.  Purchasing a sonnenBatterie gives you an option to join sonnenFlat which is a community of solar producers and gives you a discounted monthly electricity price.

Also available are the smaller LG RESU and VARTA batteries.  We will find the battery that suits your needs and budget.  Give us a call, visit the web site or come to our showroom in Allambie Heights.  We have the largest selection in Sydney of solar panels, storage batteries, inverters and other equipment on display.


Free Heated Swimming in Winter!

Use solar energy to power your electric heat pump and enjoy warm water all Winter free from the sun.  Electric heat pumps have long been known as a better environmental choice than some other forms of year-round pool heating.  However, even if you only use a small amount of electricity it is still coming from coal fired power stations.  You can change this.

Solarpro and EvoHeat pumps can give you a solution where you run your heat pump from your existing or a new solar power system.  Everything completely under your control and running free from the sun.  Choose when you want to swim, the temperature you want and let the sun and the heat pump do the rest for you.

EvoHeat is an Australian-owned specialist heat pump manufacturer.  Evo heat pumps are up to 600% more energy efficient than traditional methods of heating, translating to exceptionally large long-term savings.  Unlike other pool heating companies, EvoHeat specialises only in manufacturing the best and most innovative heat pumps.

Solarpro seeks out innovative products and finds ways to power them with solar renewable energy.

Enjoy a warm early morning or late night swim anytime of year with solar powered swimming pool heat pumps.

Don’t Be Out of Power Again!

Were you one of the 31,000 homes inconvenienced by the major power outage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Tuesday afternoon? Were you in the dark like everyone else for the evening? Would you like to be one of the few who weren’t?

If you have a solar PV system you are halfway to being ahead of the game when it comes to blackouts! Add a battery on to any existing solar system and with a back-up you can keep your lights on when everyone else in the street is in the dark.

If you are yet to install a solar PV system there are incentives currently on offer and Solarpro can provide you with a competitive quote to supply and install a new system.

Solarpro’s Showroom in Allambie Heights

At Solarpro we have the largest range of batteries in Sydney and we’re installing them every week in households like yours.

We also have an extensive Showroom where you can come in and talk to our extremely knowledgeable representatives about a solar PV system and/or battery option that will be tailor suited to your needs.

We are partners with the biggest brands in the battery industry including Tesla, sonnen, Varta, and LG.

24 Hour Sun Power

Use solar power when there is no sunlight. Storing solar power enables you to use your own solar generated electricity whether there is sunlight or not and where needed, purchase grid electricity at an off peak rate to use when power is more expensive. We have options to suit different needs and budgets, including sonnenBatterie which gives an option to cap electricity costs through sonnenFlat.
All Solarpro batteries are Virtual Power Plant ready and approved under the Clean Energy Council Battery Assurance programme for safety and performance.

High Power Generation Solar Panels

Want to generate a large amount of solar power from a small amount of panels?

LG NeON 2 335W and LG NeON R 360W are a similar physical size to many conventional 260W to 275W panels. You are getting respectively around 22% and 40% more electricity per square metre than the same size lower watt panel. With LG you also get a 25yr product warranty on the panels which is 15 years longer than the industry standard. Some people choose the LG panels to ensure they get maximum power even though they have a large amount of roof space available. They have done the maths and while the initial outlay is more, in terms of power bill savings, they have decided it’s worth it.

Solar panels for small roof spaces

For others, with small or difficult roof aspects these panels have made the difference between getting solar and not. When you use them with a SolarEdge inverter you are pretty much at optimum energy efficiency.  A SolarEdge system can generate up to 25% more solar power than a traditional string inverter.  It is particularly beneficial where it is only possible to fit a small amount of panels on different roof aspects.  The SolarEdge system makes it possible to split solar arrays between more than two roof aspects and ensures each panel delivers its maximum power irrespective of whether other panels in the solar array aren’t.

Innovation and Custom System Design

Of course, for home owners or businesses with a lot of roof space available the REC 275W solar panels are good quality and value for money. Let us design a system that suits your needs, roof and budget. We have been specialising in innovative, custom system design for 10 years.

Sonnen Solar Battery Manufactured in Australia

Sonnen, the World’s leading manufacturer of solar storage batteries, has shown its commitment to Australia with the opening of its battery manufacturing facility in Adelaide.   This will benefit the whole of Australia.  50,000 energy storage systems are expected to be built in the next five years for Australian and export markets.  Sonnen’s Chief Executive Officer, Christoph Ostermann, has committed to participating in making Australia the number one market globally for energy storage systems.

Sonnen batteries are super smart energy storage systems that provide double the kilowatt-hours of competitors.  The intelligent storage system automatically adjusts the energy use so that most of your self-generated energy stays in your home.  For battery owners who choose to join sonnenFlat; stored energy that you don’t need is used by other sonnenFlat members who need it at that time and excess energy is made available to you by others when you need it.  The shared system is administered by sonnen and paves the way for Virtual Power Plants.

Creating a Virtual Power Plant

Sonnen is creating a “Virtual Power Plant” in South Australia to support the State and National Grid infrastructure. The Company already runs a ‘virtual power plant’ in Germany, connecting thousands of households with PV (photovoltaic) storage systems. Sonnen’s intention is to have a network of batteries of sufficient scale to enable it to sell the equivalent of a gas-fired peaking power station into the National Grid. Mr Ostermann said, “sonnen will bring great benefits to South Australia through jobs at its Australian Head Office and the factory in Elizabeth, lower energy prices for households that take up the battery programme, and increased retail energy competition, decreasing energy prices for everyone. Furthermore, we expect to contribute to increased grid reliability through the ability of the network of sonnenBatteries to store energy and act as a Virtual Power Plant in a decentralised grid.”

Smart Solar & Batteries Showroom

The sonnenBatterie is one of four solar storage batteries in Australia that have been approved as Virtual Power Plant ready.  The others are Tesla Powerwall 2, LG RESU and VARTA.  Solarpro has a showroom on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where you can view all these batteries and other examples of smart solar technology like SolarEdge optimised inverters.