Swim Early Spring – Solar Pool Heating Panels

Maximum Heat Retention

Get ready for an early Spring swim with Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels.  Specifically designed to get you in your pool sooner and let you stay in it longer.  By enclosing the heat absorbers under a polycarbonate cover the cooling effect of the wind is eliminated.  Even a light breeze will lower the temperature of exposed heat systems.  These panels retain the maximum possible heat.  They work on the heat banking principle like being in a black car with the windows up on a hot day.

Maximum Energy Efficiency – Save Money

Thermostat temperatures are taken from the collector enclosed in the casing not the roof surface. If the temperature is less than 5 degrees the pump will stop to let the collector bank up heat again. Most systems measure roof temperature and will pump all day because the roof is just warm.  This older technology was fine when electricity prices were around 10 cents/kilowatt.  Today prices are over 50 cents and rising!

Solarpro commissions every installation with an ultrasonic flow meter.  This ensures the flow rate is perfect enabling your system to run at its highest possible efficiency.  You save money by not wasting electricity with needless pumping.

Compact Size Uses Less Roof Space

An open strip matting system requires 100% of the pool surface area to be replicated on your roof.  The enclosed panels measure 225cm x 115cm and only have to replicate 60% of the pool surface area.  We have installed them on everything from cabanas, pump houses and sheds to very beautiful gabled roofs where aesthetics were very important and panels were placed on multiple roof aspects.  If roof space is tight we can also ground mount the panels.

No Holes in Your Roof & Better Aesthetics

Unlike most other pool heating panels, the enclosed solar pool heating panels do not require any holes to be drilled in your roof.   The protective casing stops unsightly damage that can be caused by cockatoos and eliminates the build-up of folliage between the collectors.

We have other solar pool heating products available to suit all needs and budgets, including heat pumps that can be powered by solar and the DualSun hybrid solar pool heating and electricity panel.  Give us a call to discuss your needs or Email Us for a free quote.


DualSun Solar Power & Pool Heating

An innovative solar panel that combines the generation of solar electricity with heated water for your pool is winning Australian environmental awards and producing energy savings of up to $66,000+ over the course of 20 years.  Call Solarpro for more information.

How the DualSun Solar Panel saves Money and the Environment

Solar power panels are most efficient when they are kept cool.  The DualSun panel allows cold water to pass over the solar panel to keep it cool.  Then returns that heated water to the swimming pool using the same principle as all pool heating systems.  The difference with this hybrid panel is that the solar power (electricity) it produces can then be used to run your pool equipment bringing the ‘energy’ cost of the pool to zero and accumulating large savings for you compared to some other pool heating options.   An additional benefit is that the solar power you don’t use on your pool pump etc., can help power your home appliances – even more savings.  This makes it the responsible environmental choice while providing an excellent return on investment.

Australian Award Winning

In June 2018, the DualSun solar panel won two awards for energy savings at the SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association)  Awards for Excellence.  The Gold Award for Sustainable Product of the Year in South Australia and the Silver Award in NSW.




Keep your power on when the grid is down!

Solar batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall made it possible for solar power users to keep their lights and appliances going during power cuts by the electrricity grid in the recent storms.

Innovations in solar storage batteries have made it possible to have a flexible approach to using solar power. Owners of solar systems can decide how they want to use their power.  They can ‘beat the grid’ by using solar power at peak times and buying grid power cheap at off-peak times.  Solar power can now be used at night if desired.

Solar batteries are compact and affordable.  Energy self-sufficiency is a very real possibility.

Solarpro has solar battery systems to suit different needs and budgets.  Contact us for further information or attend one of our free education seminars in Brookvale.


Business beats the electricity grid

This Cafe is beating the electricity grid using Jinko 260W SolarEdge embedded Smart panels, which produce up to 25% more power than other solar systems. Unlike other panels, these panels produce maximum power all the time.

As the sun moves across the sky the SolarEdge inverter enables every panel to provide maximum energy to the system even when other panels are in shade.  Other solar systems are unable to do this without retrofitting additional technology.

Businesses can achieve further benefits by installing solar batteries. The new lithium-ion batteries are compact and affordable.  The batteries provide flexibility for businesses to use solar power at night or during peak times.

Tesla Powerwall is at the forefront of compact solar batteries and presents business owners with the opportunity to take complete control of their energy needs day or night.  Further information…