Solar is a great investment

Benefit from end of 60c & 20c Feed-in Tariff

There has been a lot of internet chat on the impact the end of lucrative solar feed-in tariffs will have.  Solarpro is advising its customers to act now to save as much money as possible. Our recommendation is to install a net meter alongside your gross meter.
In order to continue to financially benefit from your solar system, you must change your gross meter to a net meter before 31 December 2016.   This will ensure you can use your solar power to meet your energy needs and export the excess.  Otherwise, when the Solar Bonus Scheme ceases you will be exporting all your energy to the grid with no financial return!

Act now

Don’t wait until the last minute when everyone wants to change their meters, look at your current options to increase your financial benefits, including:

  • innovations in solar batteries
  • increasing your system size without losing your 60c FIT
  • running a net meter alongside your gross meter

Becoming as energy self-sufficient as possible is the way forward in the current market.