Tesla Powerwall installed by Solarpro

Beat the Electricity Grid

Make money after the 60 cent FIT ends

Use your solar power at night or during ‘peak’ electricity times and avoid paying up to 45 cents/kWh for grid electricty. Solar battery storage is the way forward.  Powerwall is compact and affordable.

If you have a SolarEdge system it is likely your inverter will be compatible with StorEdge.  This enables you to install the Tesla Powerwall.  The Powerwall enables you to store the solar power you generate rather than sending it to the grid for 6 cents/kWh.  You can have control over the energy you generate.

The SolarEdge inverter has been subject to continuous improvement since its release in Australia in 2010. Because of this there are three signs that we can check to see if your inverter is compatible to the StorEdge interface and installation of the Tesla Powerwall.  Further information…. or Contact Us.