Enclosed solar pool heating panels

Autumn pool heating – staying warm!

The best way to keep your pool warm in Autumn is using enclosed pool heating panels and a pool blanket.  If you already have solar pool heating we remind you to switch to Winter mode to ensure you get the best from your system.  For those of you who do not have enclosed pool heating panels we suggest:

  1. Aquire and properly use a pool heating blanket.  There are many options.  They do not have to be ugly, difficult to manage or expensive.  Some are liquid….read more
  2. Seriously consider solar pool heating panels.  They are specifically designed to keep you in the pool longer.  The concept is that by keeping the elements such as wind out, more heat will stay in….. read more

Remember if you already have solar pool heating, it is time to set your system to Winter.  This will avoid any blockages and keep the whole system flowing.