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SolarEdge Smart Home - Solarpro

Turn your home into a Smart Home

Enjoy automatic on-the-go device control and lower your electricity bill with the SolarEdge ‘device control suite’.  A correctly installed solar power system will generate excess power.  The SolarEdge system lets you decide what is done with that power.  From heating hot water to powering domestic appliances or pool pump. Using the SolarEdge App you can manage it all on the run from your phone.  All you need are plug in sockets and switches.  Solarpro is installing these inexpensive devices now.  Contact us.

The Solar Powered Smart Home

The Smart Energy Management system integrates solar power, management of stored power and home automation under the control of a SolarEdge inverter.  The video shows how the devices better match solar power generation to your home energy requirements by directing excess solar power to your electrical appliances during the day. The ‘control suite’ includes load switching devices and immersion heater controls.  The bell graphs show how much more of your energy you can consume using these simple devices, with the result that your electricity bill goes down.


Don’t Pay to Dry your Clothes : Let the Sun Do It

Energy savings with SolarEdge appliance controls

The grey area on the bell graph is electricity you would pay for because the sun isn’t shining, e.g., running your clothes dryer. With the appliance control devices you are moving that grey costly area into the pink area of free solar power simply by choosing to run some of your appliances during the day.

How the Smart Home Works

SolarEdge Smart Home | Solarpro

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to turn your home into a Smart Home and it can significantly reduce your electricity bill.  Call us for further information or to get a quote.