SolarEdge maximum power inverters

The inverter is the heart of your solar system.  It enables the solar power collected by your panels to be used as electricity in your home.  An inverter either uses modern optimised technology (e.g., SolarEdge) or string technology (e.g., Fronius).  The end of the Solar Bonus Scheme and changes in the solar industry make it increasingly important to choose the right solar inverter and panels for your circumstances now and in the future.  For example, you may want to add solar batteries.

Solarpro conducts extensive research so you don’t have to and offers good, better and best options to suit different budgets and circumstances.  We look at a variety of quality criteria for the inverters and whether manufacturers are stable.

SolarEdge single phase inverters


In 2010 the only fully holistic solar system, SolarEdge, became available in Australia. The technology changed the solar industry forever.  It brought about flexibility in panel placement and enabled systems to generate up to 25% more power than previously.

Fronius inverter


Established 1945 in Austria manufacturing battery chargers and welding transformers. Fronius entered the solar industry in 1995 with their first solar inverter. Fronius inverters are reliable and have LED screens which many others do not.

Zeversolar inverter


Established in 2007 in China as a solar inverter manufacturer. In 2013 Zever became part of the SMA group which is the largest German solar inverter manufacturer in the world.

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