Strip Matting Solar Pool Heating

Solarpro strip matting installation

Wind Strips out Heat

Wind is the enemy of pool heating and this is where traditional strip matting systems fall down.  They are completely open to the elements and attacks by birds and vermin. The most modern solar pool heating option is enclosed pool heating panels which address these issues. However, Solarpro installs a modern version of tradtional strip matting when required.

Solar Strip Matting

Solar strip matting remains an option if:

  • You are working to a very tight budget
  • Your roof has minimal flat sections for panels

Over the years, improvements have been made to open strip matting solar pool heating.  Solarpro installs a modern version (PV nitrile) of this budget priced system.

Budget Solar Pool Heating Option

Solarpro strip matting installation

The black rubber tubes, usually referred to as matting, were once the only means of solar pool heating.  They were the starting point of research and development that has led to new solar pool heating systems, such as enclosed panels.

Solartherm enclosed pool heating panel
Interest Free Finance is available

Have you considered using the money you would spend on this budget system as a down payment to up grade to solar pool heating panels?  It is cost effective with the various payment options we have available.

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