Solar Pool Heating Using Open Panels

Solarpro installation of open pool heating panels

Wind Strips out Heat

Wind is the enemy of pool heating.  Solarpro has researched the market for manufacturers that are addressing this issue.  The best solution is enclosed pool heating panels.  However, open panels are an improvement over solar strip matting.

The open panel or rigid panel concept seeks to increase heat retention compared to matting systems and has some of the attributes of the enclosed panel.

Our Product Choice

The products we have chosen are leaders in their class.  They have been developed after years of research and have interconnected flow tubes to improve insulation. Other rigid panel designs can cool down very quickly in windy conditions.  Some of the attributes of the panels we’ve selected:

How the panels work

The principle is the same as with strip matting collectors. Cold water from the pool passes through the tubes in the panels, absorbs heat from the sun and returns to the pool.  The temperature is controlled electronically.  The difference with these panels is that the tubes are interlocked to insulate each other against heat loss.

Mid-range Solar Pool Heating Option

Solarpro installation of open pool heating panels

Open solar pool heating panels take up less space than strip matting & are wind resistant.

Open pool heating panels on tile roof

Open rigid panels for pool heating on a tiled roofSolarpro enclosed pool heating panel installation

Interest free finance is available to upgrade to these enclosed panels

Have you considered using your budget as a down payment and up-grading to these enclosed solar pool heating panels that will save you money and space? We can go through all your options.

Solar has always been an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool.  Thanks to new technology you can now swim longer than ever before.


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