Solar Powered Pool Heat Pumps

Solarpro can combine a pool heat pump with a new or existing solar power system to eliminate your running costs. You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions. Heat pumps are inexpensive and guarantee heat as required with virtually no maintenance.

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps operate on a similar principal to a reverse cycle air conditioner or refrigerator.  Refrigerant gas extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water. For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, a standard on/off heat pump will collect up to 6 kW of heat from the atmosphere. Sunshine is not necessary and the heat pump will continue to heat the pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees. Your pool can be at resort temperatures 24hrs a day.

A pool blanket is highly recommended with any heat pump and if not used a larger size heat pump will be required.

Solarpro offers two types of heat pumps.  Both have rust proof outer casings to eliminate rust from the salty air and great warranties.

1.  Fairland Inverter Heat Pump

This heat pump is top of the line and uses the most modern inverter technology. It has a variable speed motor which reduces running costs.  If you power it from a solar system you can eliminate your running costs. It has the highest COP (Co-efficiency of power) on the market. Up to 50% more efficient than ordinary heat pumps.  For every 1kW of electricity consumed it can collect up to 16kWs of heat from the atmosphere. It is also quieter than other heat pumps.

Inverter technology is new to the swimming pool industry in Australia, it has however been used overseas for many years.

2.  Oasis on/off style heat pump

This pump is a high quality on/off heat pump. Solarpro has installed many of these over the years.  We know it is a very reliable, value for money pump that will give you years of service and is well supported.

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solar powered pool heat pumps








  • Environmentally friendly pool heating
  • Low to zero operating costs
  • Resort temperatures all year

Fairland inverter heat pump







Fairland inverter heat pump

Oasis on/off heat pump







Oasis on/off style heat pump

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