Solar at night

No more electricity bills – Take control and beat the grid with solar storage batteries

Storing solar power enables you to use your own solar generated electricity whether there is sunlight or not.  The objective is to minimise or eliminate the cost of electricity. Some people are achieving $0 bills, the majority are around 75% of their bill.  Solarpro offers three choices of batteries that are economically viable now, so you can stop playing the waiting game. For example, the sonnenBatterie eco 8 comes with the possibility of capping your electricy expenses at between $30 to $50/month through sonnenFlat….Learn more.

Should I buy a solar battery now or wait?

The quick answer is buy now.  Solar storage is an evolving technology.  However, this should not stop you purchasing. Solarpro stays on top of developments and the three batteries we install are innovative and economically viable now.  You can play the waiting game forever.  The longer you wait the more money you are losing, particulary with the very high prices we are now paying for electricity.  People who bought LG RESU batteries when they first came on the market are already ahead of the game financially.

If you want to be part of the sonnenFlat virtual power plant with capped electricity fees you need to act now.  It is currently limited to the first 2000 registered installations.  Get a Quote

Getting the best value for money?

Solarpro will take you through the best options for your needs and budget.  With solar batteries it is important to ensure the solar system and battery are the correct size for individual needs.  The amount of cycles the battery is warrantied for is also very important because the average home battery will do at least one cycle a day. Life expectancy of the battery/ warranty, what return on your investment are you getting, can you start small and grow?  These are the kind of questions we’ll go through with you to find the right solar battery.  For further information Contact Us.

sonnenBatterie eco 8

sonnen eco 16kWh

The Sonnen eco is a complete battery system, designed specifically for domestic use and is the World’s most popular lithium iron phosphate home solar battery.  It comes with a capped electricity deal and is warranted for 10,000 battery cycles, much more than its competitors.



LG RESU solar batteries are DC coupled making them energy efficient. They require a separate inverter so can’t be added to an existing system. Compatible with Reposit and SolarEdge for integrated monitoring and smart use of your power.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2 | Solarpro

Tesla Powerwall 2 has a capacity of 13kWh making it one of the larger domestic solar batteries currently available.  It is AC coupled and can be added to an existing solar system without the need for a solar battery inverter.

How solar storage works

When you install a solar storage system, the energy flows around your house are controlled by your solar inverter. The job of the inverter is to keep you off the grid. It does this by supplying the house with energy firstly from the solar panels, secondly the battery and finally the grid. It knows where and how much energy is needed because of an energy consumption/export meter we install into your house wiring. You can now monitor live data from your solar panels and battery capacity to see if the pool pump or clothes dryer is putting you in the red. Better still you can now connect those appliances to home automation devices that work together with the solar inverter ensuring they won’t switch on unless there is enough excess energy being produced by the solar system. You can even turn your electric hot water tank into a solar PV powered tank that only heats with excess energy from your solar panels.

 Solar power back-up

It is often assumed that when a battery is installed with a solar system the battery will keep supplying energy to the home if the grid shuts down. This is not always correct. In fact, most systems will leave you in the dark.

In a grid fed solar system the inverter must shut down if the grid shuts down. This is a safety precaution because your solar system is an energy generator and could electrocute any linesmen that may be rectifying the power outage down the line somewhere.

Keeping the Lights On!

If you wish to ensure your solar battery to keep the lights on and the chops frozen in an extended grid outage you need to make sure you install a solar inverter that has a back-up function. That function will also need to be connected to the correct circuit in the house. In a new building a specific back-up circuit can be wired into the house but in a retro fit situation we need to locate the circuits required to be on the back-up circuit.

We don’t recommend backing up the whole house because there is only a limited amount of stored energy in the battery. For example, if you have a 10kWh battery and a 5kW air-conditioner on in the blackout the battery would be flat in two hours. That is assuming your battery is fully charged at the time of the black-out.

Solar batteries with ‘black-out’ options:  The solar batteries we sell have alternatives or add-ons that will keep your lights on in a black-out.  We will go through all the options with you.

Charging a solar battery in a black-out

The grid is aging and is increasingly a less stable source of energy. We don’t know what the future holds but if you are installing a home battery it seems pointless to install it without a back-up function. If you install a system with a back-up circuit you would probably also want it to charge from the solar panels. AC coupled batteries will not charge from the solar panels if the grid is out. That’s because the solar inverter will shut down to protect the linesmen.

On the other hand, the SolarEdge system with back-up connected not only charges the battery if the grid is down it also lets you use the energy the solar panels produce to power the backed-up circuit.

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