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Say NO to unreasonable electricity prices. Australians are paying the highest electricity prices in the World.  Our corporate retailers continue to put prices up and we have a failing grid – what will that mean for prices? Give us a call for proven solar solutions.

Solar Batteries

Free Electricity

Powerwall solar battery installed by Solarpro


Solar batteries enable solar power to be used when there is no sunlight. The Sonnen battery system is the World’s leader with large capacity/ cycles and a capped electricity expenses deal. We offer two other batteries – the LG RESU and the Tesla Powerwall.

Solar Power

More power guaranteed

Solar Electricity Panels


SolarEdge lets every panel produce its maximum power on multiple roof aspects; producing electricity continuously as the sun crosses the sky.  It generates up to 25% more power than other systems. We recommend a SolarEdge inverter and high performing LG panels.

Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tubes or Flat Plate

Solar Power Hot Water


Solarpro offers a choice of flat plate  split systems, close coupled or evacuated tube systems with stainless steel tanks and the SolarEdge immersion heater which diverts excess solar power to your hot water tank. It turns an ordinary tank into a solar hot water system.

Solar Pool Heating

Enclosed Panel Specialist

Solar Pool Heating Panels


Solarpro is a “One Stop Shop” for solar pool heating.  We are experts on the most modern wind and cocky proof enclosed solar pool heating panels. We also install open rigid pool heating panels and the very latest in solar powered pool heat pumps. Solutions for different needs & budgets.

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Solarpro Solar Battery Installations Northern Beaches
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