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Say NO to unreasonable electricity prices – SonnenFlat caps electricity costs at $30, $40 or $50/month.  Be one of the first 2000!

Australians are paying the highest electricity prices in the World.  Our corporate retailers continue to put prices up and we have a failing grid – what will that mean for prices?

SonnenFlat is a true ‘game changer’ in the electricity market.  Not only can you send a very clear message of NO to rising electricity prices but you can ensure you never pay full price for electricity again.  You will pay a low fee of between $30 to $50/month, based on consumption, which is nothing compared to electricity prices.  For this, sonnen will cover electricity costs incurred above what your sonnen solar battery system delivers up to a reasonable amount of kWh, a bit like a mobile phone plan.  Together we are building a virtual power plant.  Sonnen is following the same method it used in Germany last year and initially establishing the virtual plant with the first 2000 installed and registered battery systems.  Make sure you are one of them?  Give us a call or email for a Quote

The sonnen all in one solar battery system

Even without the sonnenFlat option, when you purchase a sonnenBatterie eco 8 you are getting the World’s best selling smart lithium iron phosphate solar battery that is second to none.  The capacity is up to 16kWh.  It is warranted for more than double the battery cycles of its competitors and has the history to prove this.  It is a solar battery that was specifically designed for the home battery market.  You are investing in a battery that is expected to last 20 years and with a company who’s mission is to give individuals independence from corporate energy providers.

We are booking installations now: The sonnen solar battery system can be retrofitted to an existing solar inverter or installed as an all in one solar system ready for connection to solar panels in Single or Three Phase homes.  It contains everything you need to control your energy future and you can be eligible for the sonnenFlat World changing energy management option. Solarpro is the sonnen installer for the Northern Beaches and North Shore.  For further information and a quote  Contact us.

Solar Batteries

Free Electricity

Powerwall solar battery installed by Solarpro


Solar batteries enable solar power to be used when there is no sunlight and make energy independence a real possibility.  The Sonnen battery system is the World’s leader with large capacity/cycles and a capped electricy expenses deal. It is available on the Northern Beaches and North Shore through Solarpro. We have options to suit different needs and budgets including the LG RESU and the Tesla Powerwall. SolarEdge has a ‘StorEdge’ option and a device that effectively turns your hot water tank into a solar storage vessel. Take control of your energy future.

Solar Power

More power guaranteed

Solar Electricity Panels


Say goodbye to your electricity bills. With an optimised solar system, panels installed on multiple roof aspects produce electricity continuously as the sun moves from East to West.  Add a solar battery and you can use your power whether there is daylight or not.  SolarEdge offers its own storage solution and devices that control power to your choice of home appliances.

We offer Good, Better, Best options for all budgets.  Our premier system is a SolarEdge inverter combined with high performing LG panels.  This system generates up to 25% more power than other systems.

Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tubes or Flat Plate

Solar Power Hot Water


Solarpro offers a choice of flat plate  split systems, close coupled or evacuated tube systems with stainless steel tanks and the SolarEdge immersion heater which diverts excess solar power to your hot water tank. It turns an ordinary tank into a solar hot water system.

Solarpro has been independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association and recommended as a preferred supplier to the ClimateCleverShop, an initiative of six Councils.

Solar Pool Heating

Enclosed Panel Specialist

Solar Pool Heating Panels


Solarpro is a One Stop Shop for solar pool heating.  Get one quote giving you 3 differently priced solar pool heating options. We also have solar powered pool pumps, solar pool blankets, heat pumps and gas heating systems.

Choose from the most modern wind and cocky proof enclosed solar pool heating panels or middle of the range open rigid panels or a modern version of traditional strip matting (rubber tubes).

We have a solution for different needs and budgets.

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